Selçuk Üniversitesi


Importance of Vermiculture in Organic Agriculture Explained

Selcuk University 14:29

A conference was organized by Selçuk University Çumra School of AppliedSciences and Çumra Vocational School titled “Importance of Vermiculture in Organic Agriculture”.

Conference on ‘’Organic Agriculture’’ and ‘’Good Agricultural Practices’’ Held

Selcuk University 13:32

A conference was held on ’Organic Agriculture’’ and ‘’Good Agricultural Practices’’ at Selcuk University Çumra School of Applied Sciences and Çumra Vocational School.


Selcuk University 11:52

A conference was held by Red Crescent officials Özlem Arslan Kuru and Burak Dalbudak at Selcuk University Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences to raise awareness about blood donation

Graduate School of Science Board Meeting Held

Selcuk University 14:14

Selcuk University Graduate School of Science Academic Board meeting was hedl.

A Visit From Celiac Society

Selcuk University 14:27

Şerife Sadakatli, the head of the celiac society in Konya, visited the rector of Selcuk University Mustafa Şahin and vice rectors Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kagan Karabulut and Prof. Dr .Mehmet Okka in their offices together with Güngör Gökdağ, an instructor at Selcuk University, Yelda Altınışık, a dietician, and her students.

A Conference was held on Entrepreneurship Success Stories

Selcuk University 13:54

A conference was held on "Entrepreneurship Success Stories " at Beyşehir Ali Akkanat Faculty of Business Administration of Selçuk university.

Selcuk University Cycling Club Mountain Bike Team Comes Third

Selcuk University 08:55

Athletes on Selcuk University Cycling Club Mountain Bike Men’s Team, who came third at a competition, visited Prof.Dr.Mustafa Şahin, the rector of Selcuk University, in his office.

Dr. Ahmet Keleşoğlu is Commemorated

Selcuk University 13:29

Dr.Ahmet Keleşoğlu, founder of Selcuk Pharmacy Warehouse, As Pharmacy Warehouse and Ahmet and Nezahat Keleşoğlu Foundation, an education volunteer and a benevolent businessman, was commemorated at his grave in Musalla Cemetery on the occasion of the 4th anniversary of his death.

A Meeting on Quality Management System is Held to Review the Management

Selcuk University 09:59

The Management Review meeting of TS EN ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System was held by Selçuk University Strategy Development Department.

'First Aid in Wild Animals' Conference in Selçuk

Selcuk University 14:18

First aid on wild animals conference organized by Selçuk University Student Societies Coordinatorship and IVSA Konya Community was held at Selçuk University Süleyman Demirel Culture Center.

SÜ Faculty of Medicine, Accredited in the Department of General Surgery

Selcuk University 13:41

The Medical Specialization Training Program of the Department of General Surgery of the Faculty of Medicine of Selçuk University was accredited by the Evaluation Committee of the Educational Institutions and Programs of the Turkish Surgical Association (EKPDK).

Cooperation Protocol between Selçuk University and MEB

Selcuk University 09:20

A protocol was signed between the Ministry of National Education and Selçuk University to introduce the Foreign Students Examination (YÖS) abroad and to organize these exams in foreign schools associated with the Ministry.