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Graduate School of Science Board Meeting Held

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Selçuk University
27 December 2018 14:14

Selcuk University Graduate School of Science Academic Board meeting was hedl.



Prof. Dr. Mustafa Şahin, Rector of Selcuk University, Prof.Dr.Mustafa Yılmaz director of the Graduate School, Dr.instructor Ahmet Ali Sertkaya, Vice Director, Associate Prof. Mehmet Erdoğan,Vice Director, İlknur Akçil, secretary of the Graduate School and the faculty members attended the meeting held at Graduate School of Science.



EIn the presentation he made, thedirector of the graduate school Mustafa Yılmaz gave information about percentages of postgraduate students, doctorate programs, numbers of faculty members by departments, percentages of professors and associate professors at the graduate school, distribution of students by years and master of science with thesis.



Speaking at the Academic Board meeting, Rector Mustafa Şahin said,’’Universities are of great importance and our country and other countries need us. Weraise our students in this framework. We have graduated nearly 630 thousand students in 44 years,and believe me whatever country I visit, I come across at least 3 or 4 graduates of Selcuk University and sometimes many more than that. In general, we graduategood quallity students. We do our best to increase the revenues and resurces of our university and prevent wastefulness.


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