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A Conference was held on Entrepreneurship Success Stories

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Selçuk University
07 January 2019 13:54

A conference was held on "Entrepreneurship Success Stories " at Beyşehir Ali Akkanat Faculty of Business Administration of Selçuk university.



In his opening speech, Prof. Ali Acar, the Dean of the faculty, stated that entrepreneurship, which is gaining in importance day by day both in our country and abroad, is an indispensible subject for  students  of management and administrative sciences and emphasized that persistence and continuity are important in entrepreneurship.




Prof. Dr. Mahmut Tekin,  the director of Regional Development and Research center of Selcuk University, informed the students about  entreprenurship and entreprising personality, stages of entrepreneurship, the secret of success in life and success stories of people who made a name for themselves in our country as well as from around the world at the meeting held at the conference hall of the faculty.






The program ended with a family photograph taken with the students and Prof.Dr. Ali Acar presenting Prof.Dr.Mahmut Tekin with a gift for his contribution to the conference.


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