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Importance of Vermiculture in Organic Agriculture Explained

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Selçuk University
02 January 2019 14:29

A conference was organized by Selçuk University Çumra School of AppliedSciences and Çumra Vocational School titled “Importance of Vermiculture in Organic Agriculture”.



Biologist Osman Şen from the Soloverm Company was the speaker of the conference and he explained the importance of vermiculture (wormbreeding) and vermicompost (wormdrug) in organic agriculture.



Şen stated that worms transform the coelom liquid present in their bodies to fertilizers, thereby protecting plants against pathogenes; he added that they also ensure a healthy and rapid growth in plants as they transfer large numbers of useful microorganisms presetn in their digestive systems (mycorrhizal fungus and nitrogen-fixing bacteria), natural enzymes and growth hormones to fertilizers. Highlighting the fact that thereare 100 times more biological stimulators in worm manure compared to other animal fertilizers, Şen emphasized that this is a very important biological material for organic agriculture.

When students engaging in farming stated at the conference that they would begin to produce and use worm manure, Osman Şen promised that they were ready to give all kinds of support to offer this education at the school.



At the end of the conference, a certificate of appreciation was awarded to Osman Şen of Soloverm company by Associate Professor Muhammet Karaşahin, deputy director of Cumra School of Applied Sciences for his presentation and his contribution to applied education. 


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