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'First Aid in Wild Animals' Conference in Selçuk

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Selçuk University
15 February 2019 14:18

First aid on wild animals conference organized by Selçuk University Student Societies Coordinatorship and IVSA Konya Community was held at Selçuk University Süleyman Demirel Culture Center.



Director of the Vocational School of Selçuk University Prof. Dr. Uğur Uslu, academician of Faculty of Veterinary Science Prof. Dr. Kamil Beşoluk, veterinarian Ahmet Emre Kütükçü and many students attended.

Selçuk University Kadınhanı Vocational School Director Prof. Dr. Uğur Uslu said that Turkey's future veterinarians can make improvements for the progress and development in the field of wildlife protection, as well as other areas. Indicating Turkey is one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world due to its geographical location, Prof. Dr. Uğur Uslu maintained that "Three of the 34 hot spots on earth in terms of biodiversity exist in Turkey and our country, neighboring Asia, Europe and Africa, is home to many species of wild animals thanks to the variety of natural habitats. From black woodpeckers to bustards, nearly 450 species of birds, from Mediterranean monk seals to rock dormice, up to over 140 species of mammals and from Euphrates to Vipera vagneri, close to 200 amphibians and reptile species live Turkey's shelter. Some of these species live only in our country, one of the important bird migration routes in the world and more than 200 species every year migrate through Turkey or come to Turkey to overwinter, he said.




Professor Dr. Uslu said that "living areas of Turkey, its geographical diversity, are home to many resident and immigrant species. With 261 species which are under threat in Turkey, it is the second highest country in terms of threatened species in Europe after Spain. This situation makes every species and every individual quite important for us. These kinds of activities are more needed for our generations to be hardworking, intelligent, forward-looking and self-developing.



Veterinarian Ahmet Emre Kütükçü underlined that when it comes to wild animals, great tasks fall to veterinarians. One should recognize the species of wild animals before treating them according to Veterinarian Kütükçü, who also said that the lightest bird is "Hummingbird," the heaviest "Bustard" and the longest living animal with 40 years is "Raven." Stating that birds have a light skeleton and their tail vertebrae knit, Veterinarian Kütükçü emphasized that feathers are of vital importance to birds and one should not cause the loss of feathers while holding the animal. Veterinarian Kütükçü maintained that it is necessary to identify the species and species-specific characteristics in the first intervention in animals, and to reach the scene in time, get all your equipments and make a division of labor. He also stated that there is no need for unnecessary people to be with you and one should let safety of people and your own be your priority.

At the end of the program, a collective photograph was taken and a plaque was presented.




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