About :

Program Description: School of Higher Education Rectorate dated 04.05.2004 and numbered B.30.2.SEL. / 153-178-3869 and YÖKün 2547 numbered Law in accordance with Law No. 2880 Law No. 71D-2, 7h and 3843 numbered Social Sciences Vocational School area of ??Justice Program formal and II. Teaching departments S. Ü. It was established by transferring to Faculty of Law. .......... There are two lecturers in our school and the required courses are given by faculty members of Faculty of Law. Administrative work is carried out by a college secretary and five civil servants. .......... Social Sciences M.Y.O. The number of students is 475. In the 2007-2008 academic year, 99 formal and 100 II. A total of 199 new students were enrolled. Students enrolled in formal education highest 406,25 II. and 397.01 points. The number of students graduated until now is 2458. There are currently 746 students attending our school. 

Admissions Requirements: Terms and conditions posted on Osym guidelines. 

Recognition of Prior Learning: They had previously received loans from other institutions of higher education of the students and their contents are deemed to be exempt from the board of directors adopted the course. 

Graduation Requirements: To graduate from the program in which a student is enrolled or have taken courses required for graduation envisaged in the program and have managed applications, the completion of the internship and similar work achievement and graduation grade point average must be at least 2.00. (2) the students graduation date, he is the last day of the exam examination period. However, up to this date the only course, internships, industry-based education, essays / dissertations, students can not graduate fieldwork and similar reasons to be successful in one or graduate course exams completed at the date of adoption of these studies. Graduation for the next academic semester students overflowing, he will pay the tuition fees of the contribution or the second semester. But do not take a single course exam fees from students who are successful in that semester. 

Principles of Assessment and Evaluation: examinations are written, oral, written-oral or practically. Examination of the oral or practical to do and applications, internships, thesis, decides on boards and similar studies to assess how the project. 

Employment Opportunities: Our Alumni in the courts, the courts editorial director, utive director, clerk of court records, prison directorate in prison can rise up to the clerk. In addition, a variety of private and public institutions but also for legal consultancy department duties. 

Jump to Top Degree Programs: Your Vertical Jump Test by students with or Open Education Faculty of Law Faculty of the Department of Public Administration are switching facilities. 

Mission :

 Legal services in the field of law and the judicial nature of our country needed personnel, in accordance with the curriculum prepared by considering the needs of today's and tomorrow's potential leaders in professional, have knowledge of the Basic Law, which produces high-value knowledge and experience to provide graduates with creating awareness.... 

Vision :

Basic legal knowledge available manpower needs for significant contributions to the academic traditions formed, national and international competent, effective and efficient, offering education and training, work environment, a high level, to have a thorough understanding of the research emphasis, Corporate culture, transparency, efficiency productivity, founded on the principles of accountability, can improve academic activities, capable of scientific publications, preferred by students, vocational schools across the country are recognized and justice in our country is to be the best....