About :

The vocational school started education in 1997 and today it continues education and training with 1373 students in total 5 program -including 2 technical and 3 social field- in a 85000 m2-campus area.In the school building which was built by Nurullah Ercan, a benefactor businessman from Akören, into the campus area of the vocational school in 2001, there are twenty classrooms, two lecture halls, three computer labs with 80 computers available, an electronics lab, a 200-seat conference hall, a student canteen, a 50-seat library with 7500 publications available and a reading room. In some of the classes, training is provided by datashow device. Wireless internet connection and security tem with camera are also available in the college. In the campus area, an indoor sports hall, a tennis court, volleyball court, basketball court and a football pitch are also available for recreation. In the campus area, both a 135 students-capacity modern girls dormitory meeting the sheltering needs of the female students and a refectory that meets the nutritional requirements of approximately 400 students are active.It has been worked hard in order to make the campus area gain a green face since the ning. In the last year walkways have been built by laying down a 3000 m2 area with locked stone, a 2500 m2 area has been grassed, a convenient space for social events has been d by building a 800-student capacity amphitheater, and lastly a rich campus environment has been d that the students can make use of at any time of the day, by establishing 50 benches, 5 camellias and a garden lightning tem.

Mission :

To be an institution, based on the fundamental principles of the Republic, believing in the leadership of the science, glorifying creativity and original thinking, all kinds of opinions and ideas can be expressed in peace and tolerance in, free, polyphonic, fair and transparent, believing that education leads to social progress, felt proud to be a member of it and being aware of its social responsibilities.

Vision :

Our vocational school, which encourages success and regards its staff and students as a member of its own family, adopts as a basic principle to  a fair, transparent, free and polyphonic environment that has academic and ethical values and in which all kinds of opinions and ideas can be expressed in peace and tolerance.