Head of Department : Instructor Cengiz ÖZCAN

Erasmus Coordinator :

Farabi Coordinator : Instructor Hale AKİN

Mevlana Coordinator :

ECTS Coordinator : Instructor Cengiz ÖZCAN

About :

Computer Programming in the world and Turkey is a rapidly growing profession that can be applied in many businesses. Our students are trained with knowledge and skills in the fields of software, mobile programming, database management systems and all internet technologies.

Vision :

Computer Programming has a vision to train qualified technical personnel to meet the needs of the society in accordance with international standards in its field.

Mission :

To educate graduates who have cultural knowledge, research and problem solving skills and have up-to-date knowledge and universal perspectives as systems analyst and application programmer in various management, industry and service fields, companies that produce and market computer hardware and software and generally in data processing centers. It is aimed.

Purpose :

The aim of the program is to raise computer technicians who are able to use the computer efficiently, develop special purpose and general purpose software, and use internet and intranet technologies. After graduation, the students to be named as Computer Programming Technicians will be educated upon having the features defined above. It is aimed to raise students who have ethical values, accommodate to group-work, work in interaction with other work groups, and are open to development.

Language of Program :


Definition of Program :

Associate Degree level education program that meet the requirements of the sector and technical staff in order to train qualified staff provides training in Computer Programming. Program, in order to give students programming infrastructure and problem-solving skills, basic programming, the emphasis is on the importance of information, in line with changing technology as well as database applications, visual programming languages​​, Internet programming, the necessary information is given on local and global networks.

Admission and Registration Requirements :

ÖSYM is determined by the YÖK in accordance to the relevant legislation.

Recognition of Previous Education :

Students studying in the Computer Programming program may be exempt from certain courses within the framework of certain regulations. If the content and credit of the course taken in another institution is in line with the content of the course given in this program and approved by the school directorate, the student may be exempted from this course.

Graduation Requirements :

To successfully complete the program, all the courses available in the program (120 ECTS) to pass on a 4.00 weighted grade point average of at least 2.0, and 30 business days to get the internship must be completed successfully.

Assessment and Evaluation Regulations :

In order to be successful in a course, the student must have at least CC grade. The instructor can pull down the ranges of points in the table below. However, a letter below the letter equivalent of the score to be found in the following table can not determine the success grade. Students with the same score cannot be given different letter grades. The letter grade given to a student cannot be lower than the letter grade of students with a lower score than that.

Employment Oppurtunities :

Technicians in state institutions, the private sector, intermediate-skilled staff (technicians), the software companies and all companies in the information technology department systems analyst, programmer, IT manager can act as.

Access to Further Studies :

Those who get the score foreseen from the "Vertical Transfer Exam" organized by OSYM can transfer to the departments of faculties such as Computer Engineering, Software Engineering and Computer Education.