About :

In accordance with the decision of the Council of Ministers of Health School published in the Official Gazette dated 02.11.1996 and numbered 22805, the necessary conditions for the start of education at Akşehir Health School which was accepted to be established within Selçuk University but could not be opened due to lack of physical conditions were provided in 2006-2007 education period. The opening of the Rectorate of Selçuk University in Akşehir School of Health, the opening of a Nursing Department within its body, the recruitment of 40 students in the 2006-2007 academic year, was examined in the General Assembly Meeting of Higher Education dated 13/04/2006 and the Law No. 2547 and Article 7 of the Law no. Act 6. In accordance with Article, this proposal was approved. In the 2006-2007 Academic Year, the Nursing Program started with 41 students in the Municipality building of Aksehir Municipality. Since October 27, 2008, I have been continuing my education in his new building which was built by Mr. Kadir Yallagöz, a businessman from Aksehir. Nursing program will be conducted in Akşehir School of Health, Akşehir State Hospital, Selçuk University Selçuklu Faculty of Medicine, Health Centers, Nursing Home, Rehabilitation Centers, Special Education Schools. The aim of the program will be sensitive to all kinds of developments and changes that may affect human and human health in daily life and will consider them in the service it provides, and determine the nursing care needs of healthy or sick individuals in every environment. Will be able to plan, implement and evaluate the nursing care necessary to meet these requirements at the level of professional standards, as well as perform their roles and functions as an effective and effective member of the health care team.
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Mission :

In the light of universal values, the School of Health has made it a mission to raise individuals who are highly qualified for the future of the country by making use of the accumulation of science and technology and to present its production in the fields of research, education and services for the benefit of the society.

Vision :

Our country is proud to be a member of the national environment, education and training to be provided, the knowledge and technology to produce a higher level of contemporary civilization is to be a leading college. Our goal is to open the departments of physical therapy and midwifery to make our school faculty of health sciences.