About :

Akşehir Faculty of Engineering and Architecture was established with decision of Council of Ministers on 11.09.2017 and it was published at official gazette dated and numbered 2017-30262 (2017-10830). Akşehir Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, whose establishment was completed, was offered the opening of departments and department of food engineering and department of mechanical engineering were opened according to decision of council of high education (13.06.2018- 75850160-101.03.01-E.47284). 
Proposals for admission to these departments in 2018-2019 academic year was approved in the meeting of council of high education (31.05.2019) according to law number 2547 and 2809.  
As of the 2018-2019 academic year, the faculty has started education in Akşehir Kadir Yallagöz School of Health with 40 students in Food Engineering and 70 students in Mechanical Engineering. 
In 2019-2020 academic year, it continues to education in its new building under the name of Aksehir Engineering and Architecture Faculty.

Mission :

The Faculty of Architecture and Engineering aims to accredit all of its programs by national and international accreditation organizations that provide continuous improvement in education and training within a certain methodology. With this aim, the Faculty of Architecture and Engineering has determined its objectives as follows in accordance with the definition of self-esteem. 

  • To provide a comprehensive and functional education and training program equipped with up-to-date information in the fields of Architecture,
  • To educate the graduates with the basic knowledge of science, mathematics, programming and skills necessary for professional career, including scientific foundations, precise analysis and productive design required for application and advanced research in the fields of Architecture and Engineering,
  • Adopting lifelong learning in the fields of Architecture and Engineering,
  • To train graduates capable of leadership through active participation in local, national and international organizations operating in the fields of Architecture and Engineering,
  • To educate the graduates who can do some basic experiments in the field,
  • To educate graduates who can use written and verbal communication skills effectively and have convincing ability and self-confidence,
  • To train graduates who can adapt to interdisciplinary working environments, use initiative and have the ability to be a team leader,
  • To educate graduates who use their professional responsibilities within the framework of ethical rules, are aware of and evaluate social, economic, political and legal content in the professional activities undertaken.



Vision :

Our purposes are reaching the top levels in engineering education by considering national, international success and modernity and  also having the standards to contribute to engineering science and technology, to be a leading and respected educational institution. The mission of the Faculty of Architecture and Engineering is to provide the students with a determined, creative, entrepreneurial, lifelong learning experience that accomplishes competitive architecture and engineering tasks victoriously and is to prepare the individuals who are capable of using modern tools for architectural and engineering applications, who are responsible for protecting the environment, health, safety and occupation, behave in accordance with business ethics and serve their country. In addition to undergraduate education, the Faculty of Architecture and Engineering aims to contribute to engineering and architectural science and technology, to develop technology, to solve regional and national engineering and industrial problems by making national and internationally accepted studies for graduate students who are the driving force of scientific development.