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Akşehir Vocational School of Selcuk University was opened to the program by taking 26 students to pre-register the Tourism-Hotel program with the renting of three floors of the Main Office in the 1989-1990 academic year. Akşehir 10 km from the town center. located in the vicinity of the Kozakak neighborhood of Alanyurt village, the land belonging to the Treasury, 65.000. 4,000 m2 has been allocated to the University as Campus Area. Our university has donated 18.000 m² parcel of this land to the Higher Education Credit and Dormitory Office provided that Student Dormitory has been built. The Student Dormitory, which has been designed as 250 people before, was completed with a capacity of 500 people.

Purpose :

1-In the capital and capital markets, intermediary institutions, banks, insurance companies, leasing, factoring companies, public institutions, financial advisory offices, audit companies and industry, trade and service companies in the accounting and finance departments, in various positions, qualified, modern technological knowledge and to train young people with experience.

2-The aim of this course is to educate qualified employees in accounting and finance departments, financial management and strategic planning-project departments of public institutions and organizations, as well as in the accounting and finance departments of private sector institutions and organizations.