Head of Department : Öğr. Gör. Füsun TÜRKAN 

Erasmus Coordinator : Öğr. Gör. Füsun TÜRKAN 

Farabi Coordinator : Öğr.Gör. Soykan UYSAL 

Mevlana Coordinator : Öğr. Gör. Füsun TÜRKAN 

ECTS Coordinator : Öğr. Gör. Füsun TÜRKAN 

Vision :


1-Selcuk University Akşehir Vocational School Tourism and Travel Services Program aims to train qualified individuals who can establish interdisciplinary relations, have analytical thinking ability, gain entrepreneurial spirit, comply with changing world conditions, respect human rights and prioritize national and social interests.

2-Selcuk University Akşehir Vocational School Tuirist Guidance Program, to introduce the tourist attraction elements of the country to the domestic and foreign tourists, to be able to accurately and effectively represent the country with the right and sufficient level, to recognize and know the customs and traditions of the country our aim is to train qualified and qualified tourist guide who is determined to keep alive, honest, hard-working, patriotic, confident, knowledgeable, equipped and can carry country tourism to the future.

Mission :


To educate qualified human power ready for global competition required by our country, to contribute to the social, economic and cultural development of our city, region and our country by providing university-industry-society cooperation, to be a program aiming to produce information that adds value to life by conducting research and development studies at international level.

Purpose :


1-Tourism and Travel Services Program, theoretical knowledge, as well as practical training-students to improve their skills to provide. In line with this aim, the main activity of the tourism sector components, travel agencies: tour, package tour organization, transfer, congress, fair organization and marketing, ticketing and Galileo to develop knowledge and skills on issues such as the profession element.


2-Tourist Guiding Program, the tourism sector needed guidance services in the necessary with all the theoretical knowledge and industry experience, to score a foreign language from KDPS at least B-level and 45-day Tour of Turkey on joining culture and get working document from the Ministry of Tourism with the registration in the tourism sector Professional Tourist Guide is developed with the ability of leadership, fast and accurate decision-making ability, close follow-up to the latest developments in the sector, effective communication skills, vision and continuous development.

Language of Program :


The language of instruction is Turkish.

Definition of Program :

Selcuk University Aksehir Vocational School, Department of Travel Tourism and Entertainmet Services, Travel Services and Tourist Guidance Program


Admission and Registration Requirements :


Admission and Registration Requirements Candidates' registration to vocational colleges is made in accordance with the principles to be determined by the Council of Higher Education and Interuniversity Board. University registration procedures are done face to face or electronically via E-Government. A student identity card is issued to the student who has registered for the university.

For registration in Vocational Schools; 1. To be graduated from high school or equivalent vocational school, to be approved by the Ministry of National Education, the equivalence of diplomas taken from high school high schools, 2. Student Selection and Placement Exam (Basic Proficiency Test) , the terms are sought.

Recognition of Previous Education :


Students who are transferred to the program through horizontal transfer or have previously studied at other universities may be exempted from the courses they are successful in by taking the decision of the Board of Directors.

Graduation Requirements :


In order for a student to graduate from the program, he / she has taken the courses required for the graduation of the program (for a total of 120 ECTS), to obtain a minimum GPA of 2.00 out of 4.00. In addition, a summer internship covering 30 working days is required for graduation.

Assessment and Evaluation Regulations :


In our university, absolute evaluation and relative evaluation systems are applied within the framework of both the Regulation on Associate and Undergraduate Education and Examination and the Measurement and Evaluation Guidelines. At the beginning of each semester, the student must register at least 70% of the theoretical courses and at least 80% of the theoretical courses in order to take the final exam. Students are required to take at least one midterm exam and a final exam for each course. The contribution of the mid-term exam to the success grade is 40% (midterm exam, homework, short term exam scores can also be taken into consideration). On the other hand, in the case of relative assessment criteria within the framework of the said directive and regulation, this course is evaluated with the relative evaluation system. Students who have taken AA, BA, BB, CB and CC letter grades are considered as successful. The grades DD and DC are conditional pass grades and the student is considered successful if the grade point average is 2.00 or higher.

Employment Oppurtunities :


1.Tourism and Travel Services Program graduates in tourism and travel businesses, tour operator companies, agency ticketing transactions, also advertising-promotion, marketing planning in areas such as exhibition, sales and marketing control, order taking, in-store sales, and so on areas are employed.


2.Turist Guidance join the Program alumni Tour of Turkey, Foreign Language Exam in the if they show enough success as they can work as a professional tourist guide in the tourism sector can not fulfill the requirements except education students, in still travel agency, yacht and in the marina business, cruise the ship business, the airline business, In airport enterprises, congress and fair organization enterprises, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Central and Provincial Organizations, accommodation establishments, recreation and animation enterprises, organization enterprises, marketing and publicity enterprises, car rental companies, online travel companies can be employed.

Access to Further Studies :
Candidates who successfully complete the associate degree education can pass to the undergraduate programs related to their field provided that they pass the DGS (Vertical Transfer Test) exam.