About :

SÜYAMEK has been established to coordinate Research and application centers at SelçukÜniversity in 2013 and the decision ofthe Senate of SelçukUniversity

Mission :

Taking a respectable place among the world's Universities is aimed by our university Research and Application Centers have an important role for reaching to this aim. For this purpose, the goal of Coordination Office is toencouragethescientific and technologic activities and projects of the Centers, and to support the Centers for making these activities more successful. Selçuk University aims to take a respectable place among the world's Universities, and knowing the importance of the Research and Application Centers for reaching to this goal the Coordination Office encouragesthe centers to develop more scientific and technologic activities and projects. Also, the Coordination Office provides support to the Centers to make these activities more successful.

Vision :

The Coordination Office provides communication and co-operation among theResearch and Application Centers, and co-ordination and exchange of information between research and application centers and other units that are inside and outside of the University. Provides technical support to centers for activities and projects, it makes efforts to meet the needs that may arise, encourages the work of the centers, also develops projects and methods to this end. The coordination officeworks to develop the awareness about the centers and for promotion of the Centers