About :

In 13 December 1985,Selcuk University Atatürk Principle and Revolution History Research and Application Center was established as a center attached to the rectorate.

  1. History of Turkish Revolution.
  2. Atatürk’s Principles and its meaning and goals.
  3. The services of the Turkish nation to humanity in the past.
  4. To carry out activities supporting education and training about Atatürk's place in the 20th century.

For this purpose;

  1. To create specialized library and an archive about the history of Atatürk and Turkish revolution;
  2. To organize conferences,seminars and scientific meetings about the above issues.
  3. To open exhibitions on subjects within its field of activity.
  4. To organize competitions of verbal and written expression among students all of levels for developing Turkish consciousness.
  5. To publish books and articles.
  6. To help the lecturers of Atatürk Principle and Revolution History Research,and to ensure solidarity between lecturers.
  7. To organize meetings on national days to inform people and to benefit from representations.

Mission :

The main task of the intellectuals is to remember the contributions of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk to Republic of Turkey,to remind the people who don’t know it.For this cause, we strive to realize all kinds of activities as all society.

Vision :

To contribute a new generation build the future,respect for the past,knowledgeable and experienced.