About :

Selcuk University Beysehir Ali Akkanat Faculty of Economics was established within Ali Akkanat Campus located Beysehir District of Konya Province which was published in official journal dated 22.08.2010 numbered 27680. Our faculty started undergraduate instruction with the 2011-2012 school year.

Mission :

The mission is to provide Selcuk University Beysehir Ali Akkanat Faculty of Economics instructors carrying out the scientific research eligible for international standards, publication and activities. Our mission is to become a distinguished academic institution that is nationally and internationally recognized. In accordance with this mission, our major objective is to generate and encourage top-notch research to be nationally and internationally accepted, to provide a scientific environment enabling to train academicians of the future, to actualize the university-industry cooperation contributing to the regional and national development, and to train individuals carrying appropriate qualifications for public and private sector, getting access to information with ease, and having ability to produce, share, and make strategic decisions.

Vision :

The overall objective of the Selcuk University Beysehir Ali Akkanat Faculty of Economics is to provide taking place among the distinguished higher education institutions which are eligible for national and international standards in terms of the quality of administrative services, the standard of academic education-training level, scientific research productivity.