Head of Department : Öğr. Gör. Seyfettin Caner KUZUCU

Erasmus Coordinator : Öğr. Gör. Seyfettin Caner KUZUCU

Farabi Coordinator : Öğr. Gör. Seyfettin Caner KUZUCU

Mevlana Coordinator : Öğr. Gör. Seyfettin Caner KUZUCU

ECTS Coordinator : Öğr. Gör. Seyfettin Caner KUZUCU

About :

The Programme of Tourism and Hotel Management has been in service in 1989-1990 with 8 girls and 22 boys. Our programme which gives associate degree education is a two-year period school. In 1992-1993, evening education classes have been in service. To meet the needs in tourism sector, the prepration classes were in 2002-2003 and the education priod bacame 3 year- long. In our school, our students have been provided with an intensive foreign language education starting from prep classes. There have been 25 hours English lessons and being successful is obligatory. In the first year, 4 hours of Enlish a week is given in both half terms, in the second year in addition to 4 hours of English a week in both half terms, 3 hours of German a week is given. Also our studens have education on computer usage and on the usage of packet programmes such as Galileo, Fidelio, Elektra,Sentez, Sis-Par, Mod, etc? in practice in 3 seperate computr laboratories. In our university library, there are all vocational books, magazines and periodicals in service. In order to give the vocational lessons in practise, our school has been in toch with the businesses in the related sectors and therefore our studens have the chance to implement their theoretical knowledge into practice. In our vocational school, a 100 capacity restaurant which is in servive as Alacarte and Buffet meal, a pub unit and a practice-kitchen have let our students develop themselves in the field of food&beverage . Also, in housekeeping practice-room, the lessons are given in practice. There has been also an obligatory training programme in the summer term of the first year students and second year students to know about the sector closer. Vocational training places are high standart businesses which the school determined( 3-4-5 star hotels,food&beverage businesses with touristic documents, Airway businesses, Group A Travel Agencies) and vocational training period is of 6 weeks.

Vision :

Selcuk University Ali Akkanat Beyşehir Vocational School, which can establish a relationship between the disciplines, with analytical skills gained entrepreneurial spirit, compatible with the changing world, respecting human rights, qualified individuals holding the national and community interests to the fore and aims to educate.

Mission :

Train the skilled manpower available to global competition needs of our country, our province by providing university-industry-community collaboration, our region and our countrys social, contribute to the economic and cultural development, a vocational school aims to produce information that adds value to life by the international level research and development work is to be.

Purpose :

Of public institutions and accounting-finance, financial-administrative and strategic planning projects section and train qualified employees in the accounting and finance department, besides the private sector institutions and organizations.

Language of Program :

Definition of Program :

In business, to assume responsibility for public institutions and organizations and / or legal requirements after providing higher education is a four-semester program aims to train skilled manpower that can run on its behalf search workplace off.

Admission and Registration Requirements :

Candidates Anatolian Commercial High School and / or if there is a graduate of Commerce High School, placed by SSPC transition without examination. The graduates from other schools can register according to SSPC exam results quota is filled.

Recognition of Previous Education :

Program through the transition from horizontal or before students who have studied in other universities may be exempted by the decision of the Board of Directors of the courses which they successfully accomplished in these institutions.

Graduation Requirements :

The program has successfully completed all the courses available to (120 ECTS), to get at least 2.00 weighted GPA of 4.00 is required to successfully complete the compulsory internship.

Assessment and Evaluation Regulations :

Each student at the ning of the semester and semester courses to enroll at least 70% of the `i to enter the final exam, if the application is required to be continued for at least 80%. Students are subjected to at least one midterm and final exam for each course. Success grade, midterm exams (midterm exam as homework, the scores obtained from measuring tools such as quizzes can be evaluated) contribution is the contribution of the semester final exam for 60% to 40%. All assessments are performed over 100 points. A student AA, BA, BB, CB and CC not considered successful in that course. DC and DD are conditional success.

Employment Oppurtunities :

Finance department, rather benefit the economy of our country settled the next fiscal fiscal information science, law, public administration, has a course equipped with disciplines such as business. For this reason enough to work in many areas of both the public and private sector, students are trained to carry a formation.

Access to Further Studies :

Program through the transition from horizontal or before students who have studied in other universities may be exempted by the decision of the Board of Directors of the courses which they successfully accomplished in these institutions.