About :

S.Ü Beyşehir Ali Akkanat Faculty of Tourism started education and training services in 2010-2011 with the name S.Ü Beyşehir Ali Akkanat School of Tourism and Hospitality Management. In the year 2013,it was transformed into the Faculty of Tourism with the decision of the council of ministers. The four-year education at our faculty is theoretical and practical courses. With vocational courses, English, Russian and German lessons are lectured as a foreign language in our faculty. The aim of the faculty is to train qualified manager candidates in the tourism sector.Our students develop their professional experience in our application hotel Anamas Guesthouse and our the countrys leading tourism facilities. Our school, within the scope of the agreement have been made with the faculties of tourism, mutual exchange of students and academic personnel are provided.

Mission :

Our mission is to provide specialized education and training services in the field of Tourism Management and foreign language learning which is one of the indispensable of the sector, develop result and social services oriented original research and projects on behalf of the tourism sector, region, country and the whole community,as well as formation on the nature of the industry is looking,train individuals armed with universal values and his society , to contribute to the countrys employment and tourism economy.

Vision :

Vision is to become a faculty producing original and innovative knowledge in the field of tourism, contributing to the employment of qualified employees with the students it has trained, on behalf of tourism, which is one of the important components of society, environment and economy in the context of the spiral of social responsibility enriching the region,country and the whole world value.