Head of Department : Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Çağla Girgin BÜYÜKBAYRAKTAR 

Erasmus Coordinator : Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Çağla Girgin BÜYÜKBAYRAKTAR 

Farabi Coordinator : Dr. Öğr. Üyesi İslam CAN 

Mevlana Coordinator : Dr. Öğr. Üyesi İslam CAN 

ECTS Coordinator : Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Çağla Girgin BÜYÜKBAYRAKTAR 

About :

Selçuk University Beyşehir Ali Akkanat School of Applied Sciences Department of Social Work has started its academic studies in 2017 by taking its first students. Graduates of the Department of Social Work start to work as Social Workers / Social Workers.

Vision :

The Social Work program aims to contribute to bringing the scientific level of social work in our country to international quality in the fields of education, research and care

Mission :

To follow the developments in the world by giving priority to the needs of the country, to make scientific studies in the field of social work and to have an active role in the production of information in this field.

Purpose :

The aim of the course is to train innovative, researcher and entrepreneurial experts who have the skills and knowledge related to the profession to conduct and manage all kinds of social service activities when the field is reached. It is also aimed that these experts are people who respect human rights, prioritize the needs of the individual, family and society, are calm, sensitive to development and change, and can effectively fulfill the individual and social needs related to the subject as a team member or manager. It is foreseen that the candidates who take the program will be able to learn to behave professionally in a manner that does not ignore the ethical principles while fulfilling all these tasks during their professional lives. The program aims to educate qualified personnel who are aware of their duties and responsibilities towards their country in accordance with national interests and who possess them, with modern knowledge, ready for lifelong learning.

Language of Program :


Definition of Program :

It is an applied science and profession based on the principles of human rights and social justice, supporting social change, aiming at problem solving, strengthening and liberating in human relations in order to improve the well-being of people and intervening in the points of interaction of people with their environment by using theories related to human behavior and social systems.

Admission and Registration Requirements :

Students who have completed the Turkish secondary education or have received an equivalent education abroad are accepted to the Social Work Department undergraduate program according to the results of the Undergraduate Placement Exam. The training period is four years. The language of instruction is Turkish.

Recognition of Previous Education :

2-year undergraduate graduates who are successful in Vertical Transfer Examination from the departments determined by OSYM can also be accepted to continue their education in order to obtain a bachelor's degree. The courses to be taken by these students are determined by the relevant department by taking into account the courses they have taken and succeeded from the higher education program they have graduated from before.

Graduation Requirements :

As stated in Selcuk University Education and Examination Regulations, students should be successful in all courses including applications.

Assessment and Evaluation Regulations :

The method of assessment and evaluation is determined by Selcuk University Education and Training Regulations Undergraduate Education and Examination Application Principles.

Employment Oppurtunities :

The Department of Social Work implements an education and training program that is capable of integrating behavioral sciences, social work methods and techniques and field practices within the framework of their professional responsibilities, capable of performing successful studies at national and international level, integrating and assimilating the information required for social work and educating professionals. Individuals who receive this training work in rural and urban areas as public service, private sector and non-governmental organizations as a social service specialist with the characteristics of regulatory, planner, practitioner, effective communication and leadership. Today, social workers work in the following institutions and organizations: Ministry of Family and Social Policies General Directorate of Youth and Sports State Planning Organization Secretariat for Social Solidarity General Secretariat Provincial and District Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundations Nurseries Affection Houses Nursery and Day Care Nursing Homes Nursing Homes Community Centers Women's Shelters Disabled Rehabilitation Centers Elderly Solidarity Centers Street Children Center Adolescent Counseling Center Ministry of Health Hospitals Health Centers Family Planning and Maternity Health Centers Ministry of National Education Vocational Education Centers Credit and Dormitories Institution Ministry of Justice Prisons Children's Courts Children's Education Evi Forensic Medicine Institution Hospitals Health Culture and Sports Departments Ministry of Finance Labor and Social Security Ministry of National Affairs Ministry of Defense and its affiliated units Ministry of Interior and its affiliated units Local Authorities and its affiliated units Crisis centers Civil society organizations and foundations and private sector organizations.

Access to Further Studies :

Candidates who have successfully completed their undergraduate education can apply to graduate programs by fulfilling the conditions stipulated by the Higher Education Council, Selçuk University Senate and the Department.