About :

By making our university's computer system and communication infrastructure suitable for scientific studies and technological approaches of the era, we are doing projects and providing services to develop computer technologies effectively and widely in our university and around the university.

Main services:

  • Providing computer service for education and research services,
  • Establishing, operating and managing the communication infrastructure (electronic network structure) in our campuses,
  • To provide computer software and usage support to the administrative services of our university,
  • To provide students and instructors with computer usage.

Mission :

In today's conditions where information is valuable, as our Presidency, we have been responsible for meeting and developing the information needs of our university.

Vision :

Turkey and the world in the future of our university to be among the most preferred universities, entrepreneurial and innovative principles of our identity, our rational and responsible approach; To be a unit that plays an active role in the accreditation of technology and standards.