About :

With the rapid advancement of Information Technology, there are very rapid developments in the production and sharing of information. As Selcuk University, we keep up with these developments. For this purpose, by establishing the Scientific Journals Coordinator Unit, it has been provided to be collected scientific journals that were published by our University under a roof. Thus, under the leadership of Scientific Journal Coordinator Unit, it has been provided that the academic journals, which have been published from past to present and being in publishing shared with all researchers through Open Access Electronic Journal System

Mission :

In order to get the respected place among the universities of the world which is the target of our university, the journals that publish scientific articles, which are the most important tools that enable academicians to share their research and applications scientifically around the world have important responsibilities. For this purpose, the aim of our coordinator unit is to enable our Scientific Journals to conduct successful studies and to provide scanning them in indexes such as SCI, SSCI, AHCI in the international platform, to conduct studies in this direction and to support Scientific Journals

Vision :

Our coordination provides the communication and cooperation between the scientific journals within our university and the coordination and exchange of information among other scientific journals within and outside the university. By providing technical support to the studies of the scientific journals, makes works to meet the needs that may arise. Encourages the work of Scientific Journals and develops projects and methods for this purpose. Makes works to promote and help to promote Scientific Journals