About :
To increase the plant production which is the most important part in human and animal nutrition is the main aim for establish the balance between increasing in population and nutrient production. One of the most important factors is the more effective and high quality new varieties for increase the plant production, therefore, the production and use of certified seed is very important. Seed is the final product of the study of plant breeding.  Therefore, it is not possible to think about seed and plant breeding separately. In our country, especially in Agriculture Faculties, Agriculture and Natural Sciences Faculties and Agricultural Sciences Faculties, Department of Field Crop, Department of Horticulture, Department of Plant Protection, Department of Agricultural Biotechnology in many faculties are carried out the plant breeding and seed technologies studies. Generally, these studies are conducting individually. In order to direct these studies in line with a specific plan and country needs and to improve vocational training and human resources, and to increase scientific and technical cooperation at national and international, Plant Breeding and Seed Technologies Research Center was established.

Mission :

To make scientific researches needed for plant breeding and seed sector in our country.  To cooperate with public and private sector organizations dealing with plant breeding and seed production, to help problems of this sector and in this context, to cooperate with international and national organizations dealing with seed production for the development of seedling of our country is one of our most important goals. To contribute to the problems of seedling problems of our country and especially our region and to contribute to science and regional agriculture by publishing these studies is another important mission of our center.

Vision :

Conducting scientific meetings such as national and international symposiums and congresses to inform studies of the researchers in public and private sectors dealing with seed production. In this context, to contribute to science and to conduct scientific researches in cooperation with national and international levels.