About :
Selcuk University Cumra Vocational School was established in 1992. Çumra Vocational School, with 13 classrooms, 5 laboratories, 1 workshop, 1 conference hall, 1 practice greenhouse, central Çumra Vocational School has approximately 400 students in today's 8 different programs. Our Vocational School, which is open to innovations required by the information age, has scientific thinking, is one of the educated, cultured, enriched, discusses and develops its talents, but the idea that it can serve the society, plans to follow the technology and direct the acquired history. Çumra Vocational School education and training activities, sports activities, social activities, domestic and international internship areas, a healthy, peaceful and safe place for them to drink environment in the environment, the development of industrial industry and agriculture and advanced technology research, education and training has become a higher education institution aiming to make production, publication and consultancy. While continuing with the power of our university from our desire to take a step towards better and more beautiful.

Mission :
To educate individuals who are competent in their field, responsible, inquisitive, inquisitive and highly self-confident in their fields by completing their academic, physical and technical structuring in order to carry out high quality teaching and research, respecting the fundamental values ​​of humanity that produce knowledge, technology and value that will contribute to universal science and culture. to contribute to science by making qualified scientific researches and publications.

Vision :
The aim of the course is to become a preferred vocational school with its institutional identity and culture, which is preferred in education and scientific research.