Head of Department : Lecturer Ferhat ÖZCAN

Erasmus Coordinator : Lecturer Ferhat ÖZCAN

Farabi Coordinator : Lecturer Yelda Tuğba YILMAZ

Mevlana Coordinator : Lecturer Mehmet Ali DURAN

ECTS Coordinator : Lecturer Ferhat ÖZCAN

About :

Architecture and Urban Planning is a multidisciplinary profession that evaluates and evaluates the physical and social dimensions of the space with all its components and problems from past to present and directs its development by producing future-oriented economic, political, functional, social and physical designs.

Today, planning profession and planning studies are presented and perceived as an urban renewal focused activity which started especially for disaster prevention but mostly works on increasing the change value of urban space. Taking into consideration the scope of the urban science and planning discipline in today's conditions, its content is enriched with new concepts and practices.

Selçuk University Çumra Vocational School Department of Architecture and Urban Planning has been accepting students to formal education every year since its establishment to provide associate degree education. Geographical Information Systems program continues to provide education services in the department with its well-equipped teaching staff.