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Selçuk University Faculty of Dentistry was officially established in the Official Gazette on 18.06.1987 in 3389 according to the 8th article of the law. As the Founding Dean Dr. I. Timur Esener was appointed. The Faculty of Arts and Sciences is rapidly approaching its first activities. 44 students began their undergraduate education in 1989 with the first building of the Faculty of Dentistry. In the second year of the students, the first graduates of the faculty continued their clinical activities in 1993 as a total of 26 dentists. Later, with the academic staff and student candidate who is continuing the flight, it has reached its second building and then its third building which was built as an additional building. The great efforts of the producer to the present day. Dr. I. Dr. Adnan Öztürk, Professor Dr. Tamer Ataoğlu, Professor Dr. Faruk Ayhan Başçiftçi, Prof.Dr. Dr. Bora Öztürk did not provide deanship services. The faculty is a faculty with an experienced and experienced academic staff for the patients coming from Konya province, district and surrounding districts, which provides education to 630 undergraduate undergraduate students, approximately 120 specialties and 10 doctoral students with a physical area of ​​12.000 m2. Our academic staff consists of 21 Professors, 10 Associate Professors, 5 Assistant Professors, 1 Specialist, 120 Research Assistants and 10 PhD Students. There are 8 months clinics, 1 integrated clinic, 2 preclinics, 1 phantom clinic, sterilization center and 1 research laboratory. Apart from these, elderly, disabled and so on. special group is able to provide a better health service to our patients, multi-purpose advanced technology application clinic and general anesthesia can be applied to an operating room infrastructure continues.