Mission :
1- To carry out the administrative, financial and technical affairs of the enterprise in accordance with the laws, by-laws, regulations, directives, work programs, budgetary principles and business principles.

2- To collect the revolving fund revenues obtained from the work and service provided by the academic staff working in the department or department of the department of education or research or implementation within the framework of the revolving fund regulation. to pay the debt arising from the service or delivery of the goods to the right holders in accordance with the legislation.

3- To pay contribution to the staff of our university

4- To organize the documents related to income and expenses and to carry out in accordance with the Uniform Accounting System.

5- To ensure the timely preparation of the work programs and budget plans of the enterprise.

6- To ensure that the movable registration and control works are carried out in accordance with the procedures,

Vision :
1- In the framework of the rules determined by our university, contemporary, self-developed; to follow the innovations and legislation closely and to act in the sense of giving the best service on time.

2- To be a rational, respectable, confident unit.

3- To give importance to the work done and carry responsibility.

4- To focus on producing Revolving Funds and to increase their revenues.

5- To communicate clearly and effectively.

6 Respecting the society, the environment and ethical values ​​...