About :

The Center for Implementation and Research of World Culture and Civilizations was established on 05 November 2017. The objectives of the Center;

a) To examine, understand and explain the great cultures and civilizations in the world, especially Turkish-Islamic culture and civilization, to make publications in these fields, to organize symposiums, conferences and panels, to contribute to scientific and cultural discussions centered on the agenda of the world. .

b) Investigate problems experienced in Turkey's geography, culture and civilization and to find solutions for these problems, quit with elements of cultural heritage ....

Mission :

To provide the understanding and understanding of world cultures and civilizations in our country with the scientific thinking; To realize the best representation of Turkish Islamic culture and civilizations in every accessible region of the world; to contribute continuously to the peace of our country and the world in all its services.

Vision :

To be a preferred institution in all scientific meetings on behalf of culture and civilization in the world; to take part in scientific studies in the name of Turkish Islamic culture and civilization in our country and in the world.