Head of Department : Prof. Dr. Hüseyin KARA

Erasmus Coordinator : Assist. Prof. Dr. Fatma AYAZ

Farabi Coordinator : Prof. Dr. Yavuz BAĞCI

Mevlana Coordinator : Assoc. Dr. Esra MALTAŞ ÇAĞIL

ECTS Coordinator : Assoc. Dr. Hamide Filiz AYYILDIZ

About :

It is one of the most important disciplines in the field of research and discovery of new drug molecules.

Vision :

In the light of the new developments in the world, the current research is to share the data obtained on international platforms.

Mission :

The aim of the course is to produce and realize projects aiming to investigate the design, synthesis and possible effects of original molecules with high biological activity by following the current literature.

Purpose :

Pharmaceutical Chemistry aims to design, research and discover new drug molecules with more efficacy, less side effects and toxicity. For this purpose, it is among the research areas of pharmaceutical chemistry to synthesize new drug molecules with structure-activity relationships by rational methods, to verify their structures with spectral methods, to establish relationships between their chemical structures and biological effects, and to elucidate their mechanisms of action.