Head of Department : Prof. Dr. Ahmet TAMKOÇ

Erasmus Coordinator : Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rahim ADA

Farabi Coordinator : Prof. Dr. Seyid Ahmet BAĞCI

Mevlana Coordinator : Prof. Dr. Seyid Ahmet BAĞCI

ECTS Coordinator : Prof. Dr. Önder TÜRKMEN

Vision :

It s the department which has got the substructure producing regional, national and international project contribute to field agriculture and seed growing of Turkey and bring new initiatives present to interactive education to train graduate serving to society in the direction of national needs successful at human relations, having the skill provided leadership in industry, academy and public taking foreign language education which take part in international research participant in student-focused raise individuals having properties such as entrepreneur, having communication skill and leading surrounding, provide the knowledge directed modern and practice, creating ideas, improving the ability of problem solving and researches, taking responsibility/ getting authorization in individual work and teamwork and doing what is necessity of these moving potential of students instead of academic member centered education teaching naïve learning technics considerately and technic and general ability in academic liability protecting and following the scientific ethics rules in publication, searches, teaching and learning. 

Mission :

The missions of this program are to raise plant breeder/ agricultural engineer MSc at higher?up theoretical and practical, qualified, disciplined, creative, productive person whos required by agriculture and agriculture-based sectors be rigged with experience and knowledge appropriately the necessities of the time by theoretical and practical informing at graduate level about plant breeding and their genetics, breeding methods, variety improvement, the seed production and technology and plant biotechnology teaching the source of information gathering, profession-related issue where and how to reach, how to solve problems encountered to gain the skill of production solutions by synthesizing to collected information improving new technic and practices aimed to increase yield and quality to supplied as oral and written to information and experience flow be demanded by public and/or private institutions to organized scientific meeting aimed to advance and to enhance of agricultural production and to meet expectations collaboration with University- Farmer- Industrial. 

Purpose :

The aim of masters degree program at the department of plant breeding and genetic is proved to gain the skill at the assessment and interpretation the knowledge, access to information by doing scientific researches of student. 

Language of Program :


Definition of Program :

The masters degree program at department of plant breeding and genetic will be guiding to private organizations related to these sectors and to supplied high technological advancements by improving collaboration at national and international or keeping up these technologies refreshing and enhancing their professional knowledge by following national and international improvements related to plant breeding and genetic promoting the researcher and searching for solution of sectors problems by making investigation, education at modern criteria. Our academic staff has done as personally or connectedly some project in searches which are crucial for Turks Agriculture. Furthermore, our academic team are engaged in close contact with the farmers and industrial sectors ? our researches based mainly on plant breeding and genetics. Its transferred to students as theoretical and practical the issues such as improving variety with high yield and quality, sustainable, healthy for making contributions to increase in using and production of certified seeds in Turkey. 

Admission and Registration Requirements :

The process of registration, acceptance, examination, and evaluation of students are making according to postgraduate regulations confirmed by University Senate and the Law of High Education and decisions by High Education Board based on this Law. For the acceptance to masters degree program at the department of plant breeding and genetics of the candidate is need having a bachelor degree, to appeal to the Graduate School of Natural Science in the meantime in the time written announcement and having to minimum ALES score determined by Senate in the score type of department applied. Senate defines it the minimum score needs to acceptance of candidate and is effected to total score at what rate of ALES score, weighted bachelor degree GPA and science written examination. And this information is announced on the FBE website in every exam period. The list of gain right to be graduate education is d by FBE website. The registration is made in the time, and conditions stated general notice. If there is an unfilled quota at the end of final registration, its registered as the number of unfilled quotas in spare registration time by turns from the candidate of gain right to spare registration if there are. The researches assistant who is appointed to make graduate education in behalf of newly-established or developing university or high technology institute are registered directly on the point of doing graduate education without a new examination and evaluation in the direction of principles, and applicable legislation determined High Education Board and are tasked in the relevant department. The student has to follow the regulation, instruction and other basis applied in the University and relevant institute related to acceptance and registration issue to the program. 

Recognition of Previous Education :

When the student which accepts with a lateral transfer from another high education institution is adapted to the department, its exempted from lessons which allow successfully with related to the board decision and take previously following department. Regulation, Instructions, and other rudiments applied in university, and the relevant institute is valid at about these issues. 

Graduation Requirements :

The Masters Degree Programs of Department of Plant Breeding and Genetic consists of minimum 120 ECTS which composes of 60 ECTS for lectures and seminars, 60 ECTS for the Masters thesis with specialty courses and other activities in conjunction. The whole courses equivalent total 120 ECTS are had to finalize successfully according to determination to range of credit/ECTS to High Education Proficiency Framework for level and scope related to the bachelor degree program by Higher education Board, and to presented successfully seminar, research project (thesis study), having minimum 2.50 GPA on the scale of 4.00. 

Assessment and Evaluation Regulations :

For each graduate course is made at least a final and makeup exams according to the academic calendar. Mid-term exams, homework, short-term exams, laboratory work, etc. could be made if lecturer finds necessary within the term. To be successful needs to get minimum CB (2.50) from final exam committed. Regulation, Instructions, and other rudiments applied in university, and the relevant institute is valid at related to assessment and evaluation. 

Employment Oppurtunities :

Alumni are employed at the ministry of agriculture and forest, agricultural organization production and sale on the herbal drug, fertilizer and farm tool and equipment landscape and seed and pharmaceutical companies which are largest on nationwide and global especially during the recent years.                  

Access to Further Studies :

The candidate who finishes successfully on Masters Degree can receive education at Doctoral Program on self-professions or related specialty on conditions that, having the valid score from ALES exam.