About :

The vocational school of Hadim was ed with the programme of Map Cadastre in 1992 and in the same year it started the education and training applications in the building which was allocated by the municipality of Hadim. In 2001 it was carried to its own building which has campus area with 35.975,96 m2 and five-storey closed area with 6.000 m2. In 2012, 10.416,10m2 of this campus area was allocated to Credit and Dormitories Institution for building of dormitory for female and male students. As of the date of 2012, in the campus area of our vocational school, which has 25.559,86 m2 area, there are both five-storey service building and multipurpose gymnasium and sport kompleks conforming to international standarts. In our service building, there are 20 classrooms, 2 conference halls, 11 instructor rooms, 2 drawing rooms, 4 laboratories, 1 library, central, private secretary, manager room, 2 aassistant principal rooms, 1 secretary room, technician room, personal rights and accrual, registrar's office, archive, kitchen, dining hall, canteen, sports equipment room, central heating station and beam box room. In our vocational school, which started education with Programme of Map Cadastre, in 1993 Apiculture and Viticulture Programme, in 1995 Machine Drawing- Construction Programme, in 2002 Computer- Assisted Design ( in 2003, it was changed as machine by Council of Higher Education) in 2003 evening education of Map Cadastre, in 2005-2006 Foreign Trade Programme, in 2010-2011 evening education of Foreign Trade Programme, was ed. In the meantime, Apiculture Programme was closed in 2004- 2005 education term, and Viticulture Programme was closed in 2005-2006 education term. As of now, education is proceeded with Map and Cadastre, Banking and Insurance and Office Management and Executive Assistant Programmes.

Mission :

The supported education's results with the academic, scientific and technological researchers, by presenting for the benefit of society, to train students who have contribution the progress of social and economic to back up instructors, who follow scientific developments and innovations closely, with the all opportunity of the university, to save the autonomous and liberty of work environment of the instructors whose aim is to search the knowledge, transfer and renovate it. With the representation and mass working activities, which give the reasonable results about using right and liberty, to place the culture of toleration, attendance and democracy, our principal aim is to apply searching, producing, publicating and counseling services with analytical, interrogator, modern and universal education criteria.

Vision :

Being a Pioneer educational institution, thanks to programmes which is based on technique and financial departments, globalizing world's conditions and knowledge of our age, with the equipment and equipage, in manpower area of the sectors, at the national and international levels, respectable and preferred, being pioneer to ation and innovativeness, having competitive power.