About :

Nursing education at Selcuk University, which aims to become a world-class university and aims at continuous change in which students are preferred and whose graduates are preferred, started with the decision of the Council of Ministers of Konya School of Health with the decision of the Council of Ministers dated 10.10.1996 and numbered 96/8655 and was accepted as the Faculty of Health Sciences on 05.02.2010. 
With the Decree of the Council of Ministers on 14/05/2018, Faculty of Nursing tarih was established within Selcuk University.

Nursing is an undergraduate program providing 4 years of education. The aim of this program is to provide the graduates with the philosophy of nursing and the role of the nurse in the health care system and to provide the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behavior to meet the needs of care in cases where the individual, family and community health is protected, developed, and deformed in line with the country's needs and contemporary approaches.

The graduates of this program can work as administrators and clinicians in all public and private health institutions, school nurses in educational institutions, administrators and nurses in various institutions. Those who have pedagogical formation education can teach in health vocational high schools. Candidates who have successfully completed the undergraduate program of Higher Education Council, S.U. They can apply to graduate programs by providing the Senate and the conditions to be prescribed by the Department.

Mission :

In line with scientific and technological developments, to protect, develop and maintain the health of the individual, family and community, to provide training, education, research, counseling, advocacy and leadership roles in the provision of health services in the treatment of rehabilitation of health and to provide professional nurses with the highest level of education. to contribute to the development of nursing education and services.

Vision :

To be a leading nursing education institution which educates nurses and academicians in accordance with world standards and is recognized and preferred at national and international level.