About :

ABOUT: With the thought of catching up todays technology, having contributions in terms of scientific and social aspects for Huglu that shows a great improvement in industry, our school was founded in 1994 with our university legislative proposal, B.30.2.SEL.070.72.00/153-807-791 dated on 01.12.1993 and depending on this, the legislative proposal of Higher Education Council, B.30.0.E.Ö.B. dated on 21.01.1994. Until 1996, education continued in Higher School of Vocational and Technical Sciences on Selcuk University campus. Our higher school was relocated to Huglu in 1996 but because of the fact that it did not have its own building, education continued in Huglu Industrial Vocational High School. Our building of higher school whose base was founded in 1996 was completed with the acceleration thanks to our rector Mr. Professor Dr. Abdurrahman Kutlu and our higher school was relocated to its own building in November, 2002. In our higher school that is on outdoor area of 8384 meters and has indoor area of 4000 meters, there are 17 classes, 3 computer laboratories, a mechanical design room, a machine workshop, a library, a reading room, a canteen, a conference room and 16 bureaus. Our school that started its education with only Mechanical Programme and 27 students continues its education with four programmes and 180 students in just first grades now. From the year it was founded, 1400 students have graduated and some of them continued their education in faculties with vertical transfer and some have been serving as technical sergeants in the parts of our military, and most of the others have taken their places in industry. In the academic year of 2003 and 2004, the number of students exceeded 500 with the new registrations.... 

Mission :

In both our country and Huğlu arms industry, in order to train qualified technical personnel who know the job well and do it correctly, they need not enough knowledge and skills focused on the arms and defense industry which are thought to provide labor force to the needs of our industry. each of our graduates is equipped with the knowledge and experience to be involved in technical, administrative and R & D studies in the industry, has the habit of continuous learning, is entrepreneur, is prone to teamwork, can produce solutions, has the ability to research, analyze and synthesize, open to technological developments, environment and culture to educate and develop technical personnel who are sensitive to their values, are beneficial to their country and humanity, conduct scientific research and produce technology to improve the quality of life of the society, have universal thinking, broad horizons.

Vision :

Huğlu and Üzümlü region where our school is located is a production center in the light arms point of the defense industry in line with the needs of our country, and by opening programs to meet the need for trained qualified personnel to develop the new industry to be established, to make our school a specialized college. In the defense industry which has been advancing rapidly in our country in recent years, the people who have gained technical knowledge to meet the specific needs of the defense industry such as the design, manufacture, maintenance and repair of vehicles, weapons, ammunition, equipment, melbuses, spare parts and other hardware needs in defense industry. It is aimed to contribute to the rapid development of our country in this field.
In line with the vision and mission of Huğlu Vocational School, the following basic values ​​and policies have been established:
1. To ensure that our students and other stakeholders are at the center of all our activities,
2. To ensure that students' transferable and behavioral skills are developed alongside their professional qualifications,
3. To establish a connection between education and practice in cooperation with the business world and society,
4. To use technological tools in education which improve learning ability, increase productivity and encourage creativity,
5. To support local and national economic development through applied R & D studies and consultancy services,
6. To ensure the continuous development of knowledge and skills of the workforce through continuous training programs,
7. To play a leading role in science, culture and artistic activities in the region,
8. To value the mobility, exchange and international relations of students, academic and administrative staff in higher education and to carry out necessary activities for this purpose,
9. Ensuring the participation of students and other stakeholders in management,
10. To establish a strong, self-sufficient and sustainable financial structure,
11. Establishing quality assurance mechanisms for all activities and practices,
12. To be sensitive to environment and ethical values.