About :

Since it was not possible to think of the establishment of our unit separately in the establishment of our university, our Directorate, which started to serve as the Accrual Branch Directorate on April 11, 1975, was established with the merger of the Comptroller Department and Support Services Department.

Mission :

In line with the strategies and policies of our university, in order to contribute to the execution of the services of the Rectorate Central units and their affiliated units in the best way, our Directorate is to ensure that the budget facilities are used in accordance with the legislation and efficiently in order to perform all kinds of activities and services in its field of duty in an economic, effective and efficient manner.

Vision :

Corporate culture and awareness peaks, equipped with technological facilities, reflecting all the contemporary and scientific developments in its work with expert staff, ethical resources in the forefront of the existing resources of the public and the organization in the forefront of interest, in cooperation with our stakeholders focused on satisfaction, responsible, realistic and participatory approach with fair To be a leader who has always taken accountability as a principle and that everyone wants to work at our university.