About :

Advanced Technology Research and Application Center was founded in 2009 by the financial support of City Planning Organisation Project. There are three sub-research and application units in Research Center which are Advanced Technological Materials, Biotechnology and Mechatronics. Most of the equipments and machines were obtained by the support of State Planning Organization in 2010 and 2011. Tender process was mostly completed for all units in 2012, remaining several to 2013. Support from this infrastructuring project was used to obtain the basic consumables of Biotechnology laboratories (Cell Culture, Molecular genetics, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Nanobiotechnology) electron microscope laboratory, glovebox laboratory, XRD (X-ray diffractometry) laboratory, ICP-MS laboratory, liquid nitrogen production facility and laser tem. The so called laboratories and tems started to give service. The major goal of Advanced Technology Research and Application Center is to provide research, analysis and education platform containing advanced modern laboratory equipment to be used in research projects of university, industry, public and private corporations. As of September 2014, Advanced Technology Research and Application Center serves in its new building.... 


Mission :

To determine the research and scientific area of high priority and to encourage investigators to tend to these research areas. To provide research infrastructure for competitive and effective research projects. To produce high value projects for science, technology and community

Vision :

To support the technology based fields by advanced technology research and to contribute to the development of industry and university.