Head of Department : Prof. Dr. Bünyamin AYHAN

Erasmus Coordinator : Arş.Gör.Dr. Emre Osman OLKUN

Farabi Coordinator : Arş.Gör. Fatma Betül AYDIN

Mevlana Coordinator : Doç.Dr.Süleyman Hakan YILMAZ

ECTS Coordinator : Prof. Dr. Şükrü BALCI

Vision :

The vision of journalism department is to offer a journalism education which depends on theoretical and practical knowledge of journalism in the context of interdisciplinary and international level. Moreover, journalism department wants to train its students as journalists perceiving journalism as an occupation focusing on social responsibilities and critical point of view. 

Mission :

The mission of journalism department is to train persons who are aware of social benefits, are specialist in theoretical and practical vocational knowledge. Journalism department focuses on training its academic staff being aware of social responsibilities, forming technique and scientific infrastructures and being aware of developments about journalism in order to provide the best education. 

Purpose :

The purpose of Journalism department is to educate and train students who know theoretical approaches and practices about journalism, use technological developments to transfer practical areas, become a specialist in different branches of journalism and know their personal ethic liabilities and critical point of view which is taken from university education. 

Language of Program :


Definition of Program :

The journalism program develops students critical thinking skills an ability to gather, analyze and organize information and to communicate it clearly and responsibly using multiple media platforms. The primary goal of this program is to prepare students to become intelligent, responsible and articulate journalists. The program emphasizes the relationship between theory and practice. Students are encouraged to develop their skills through working with printed publications and electronic publications. The practical side of the program focuses on writing, editing, interviewing, news ion, taking photographs, and working with new technology to produce print and online publications. The theory side of the program emphasizes media law, journalistic ethics, critical thinking, economy and history. Program is also structured to accommodate students with a wide range of educational and practical experience, as well as to provide a broad set career and educational options for graduates. 

Admission and Registration Requirements :

High school graduates are placed centrally to Journalism Department according to their scores in social sciences. 

Recognition of Previous Education :

To make a lateral or vertical transfer to journalism undergraduate program, its necessary to provide entrance requirements for undergraduate transfer students. Related terms of Selcuk University, Undergraduate Education and Examination Regulations are valid. 

Graduation Requirements :

 In order to graduate from the program, the student must have successfully completed all courses (equivalent of a total 240 ECTS) that take place in the eight semesters education plan. Students can do optional internship at the end of the third semesters summer period. 

Assessment and Evaluation Regulations :

The students have midterm, final and make up examinations right for each lesson. Their passing grade is calculated by sum of their midterm exams %40 and final exams %60. In order to be successful in a course at least 60 points must be taken. The students whose score is between 50-59 can receive a conditional pass. In applied courses the exams can be held applied considering the same grading key. 

Employment Oppurtunities :

The Journalism program prepares graduates for such positions as multi-media reporters, photojournalists, editors, researchers, and freelance writers. Journalism department graduates can serve in radios, televisions, civil society organizations, political parties, and particularly the published and online newspapers. 

Access to Further Studies :

The graduates have opportunities for passing masters , masters without thesis, and doctoral programs in Journalism field.