Head of Department : Prof.Dr.Süleyman KARAÇOR 

Erasmus Coordinator : Doç.Dr.İmran ASLAN

Farabi Coordinator : Doç.Dr.Nurullah TERKAN

Mevlana Coordinator : Doç.Dr.Duygu AYDIN

ECTS Coordinator : Doç.Dr.Duygu AYDIN

Vision :

Our vision is to develop our own models and be the leader in advertising research in Turkey and in the world. 

Mission :

Our mission is to theoretical studies in accordance with the advertising sector, to develop the research methods, to help our academic staff and students connect with every part of the world and help them master interpersonal skills, and to analyze social media and new media for the good of the society. 

Purpose :

The purpose of this program is to individuals who knows the local and national problems of the advertising business and is prepared to overcome these challenges who can work in national or international agencies who is knowledgeable enough to manage an advertising agency who respects different perspectives who can solve problems effectively who is creative and has work ethics. 

Language of Program :


Definition of Program :

Our departments education approach handles advertising area as a whole. All subjects about advertising which is a dimension of brand management and marketing communication are formed on the basis of this holistic view. In addition to history, schools, creativity, copywriting, design, campaign practices, media planning, research methods, consumer behavior, marketing communications, brand management and basic topics like these about advertising, various topics like psychology, sociology, art, culture, and politics are included in our program because of interdisciplinary nature of communication sciences and advertising. Our purpose is to educate young communication professionals who have some skills to transform their theoretical knowledge into creative and effective ideas and practices in the work life so we design our program in a balanced manner in terms of theoretical and practical contents of our curriculum. Our students have a chance to take education on graphic and web design in advanced level by technological computer labs. Also students of our department can practice their knowledge in our advertising studio and take part in important competitions in advertising area. 

Admission and Registration Requirements :

High school graduates are placed centrally to Advertising Department according to their scores in social sciences. 

Recognition of Previous Education :

Vertical and lateral transfer conditions can be found in Selcuk Universitys relevant regulations. 

Graduation Requirements :

 In order to graduate from the program, the student must have successfully completed all courses (equivalent of a total 240 ECTS) that take place in the eight semesters education plan. 

Assessment and Evaluation Regulations :

 The students have midterm, final and make up examinations right for each lesson. Their passing grade is calculated by sum of their midterm exams %40 and final exams %60. In order to be successful in a course at least 60 points must be taken. The students whose score is between 50-59 can receive a conditional pass. In applied courses the exams can be held applied considering the same grading key. 

Employment Oppurtunities :

Graduates can work in advertising agencies, public relations agencies, digital agencies, research companies brand communication, marketing communications, customer relations, human resources, corporate communication departments of companies public relations and similar departments of public bodies strategic planner, copywriter, account utive, public relations specialist, media planner, researcher, customer relationship specialist, brand manager, consultant, communication manager at non-profit organizations and political parties. Students graduating from this program may also choose an academic career in universities. 

Access to Further Studies :

The graduates have opportunities for attending to masters, masters without thesis, and doctoral programs in Advertising field.