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International quality standards intermediate trained manpower (technicians) to educate our country, especially in export-oriented industries will increase the competitiveness of industrial, commercial and service sectors to support the direction of the Board of Higher Education dated 11/11/1991 approved the establishment and in the academic year 1992-93 3 City Business Inn is allocated to the Municipality of Tamarisk and 4 3 floors of the program (Civil-Mechanical-Sanitary Ware Technology) in Education and Training started college, moved to its own building in the academic year 1997-1998 with the program as of today 5 (Machine? Electricity? Electronic Technology, Mechatronics and Computer Programming) training continues to . Branches of the vast majority of the students who graduate from our school with the related work have been identified by entering the work. From the inception of our school districts cultural, social and technical fields has organized several panel discussions and conferences. These efforts should be taken to helpful by contacting the district and the people around were studied. Periodically to ensure the continuation of these services, it is believed that

Mission :

College mission is to contribute to science in our country and around the world to generate knowledge and technologies available, and will be useful to stakeholders, that aims to lifelong learning, to educate individuals capable of analysis and synthesis, core values ??and strategic objectives of the country to provide appropriate training.

Vision :

Preferred and sought after graduates in our country and around the world, with the structure of the international nature of students and staff, stakeholders problems fast, is a college that produces high-quality and effective solutions.