About :

Our school was established under the name of ada Kadinhani Vocational School yıl on 08.12.1992 with the decision of the institution established by YÖK and started education in 1993-1994 in the building allocated in the central district of Kadınhanı. After the new service building (A Block), which was built by the university, was completed in 2001, education was continued in this building since 2001-2002 academic year.

The additional service building (Block B), which was built by the philanthropist Faik Ali ICIL in the garden of our school, started its activities in the 2006-2007 academic year. A decision was made by our university senate to grant the name of the benevolent businessman Faik İÇİL who has an additional service building with a dormitory for girls and boys to our college on a campus area and this decision has been approved by YÖK. Thus, the name of our school was changed as ok Kadinhani Faik Ici Vocational School of Higher Education Böylece. The second additional service building (Block C), commissioned by the charitable businessman Faik Ali İÇİL, started its operations in 2011-2012 academic year.

Our school was established in 1992 with the Map and Cadastre program and Construction program and started education in 1993-1994. Natural Gas and Installation Technology and Computer Programming in 1995, Map and Cadastre Program (in 2000) and Computer Programming (Evening Classes), Mechatronics Program and Business Management Program in 2005, Dental Trade Program in 2010, Building Inspection Program in 2011 , Computer Technology program and Logistics programs, Civil Defense and Firefighting program were opened in 2018. In the academic year of 2006-2007, Normal and Secondary Education Programs of Local Governments were opened with the result of the Sociology of Social Sciences Vocational School.

Mission :

To educate young people in our country and in our region with the opportunity of education and to produce universal knowledge and technology, researcher, participant, sharing, problem solving ability, equipped with the knowledge and skills required by the era, qualified, entrepreneurial, innovative, love the homeland and the nation, respecting the social values to train manpower .

Vision :

To produce knowledge for scientific, social, cultural, technological and economic development of humanity, to have researcher, inquisitive, analytical minds, to educate intellectuals who respect human rights and freedoms, to pioneer in university / industry / society, to respect universal values, to adopt total quality management principles and to be an institution that has a vision of continuous development.