Head of Department : Öğr. Gör. Naim Çağlar DİRİ

Erasmus Coordinator : Öğr. Gör. Sertaç ARI

Farabi Coordinator : Öğr. Gör. Onur ÇAYAN

Mevlana Coordinator : Öğr. Gör. Onur ÇAYAN

ECTS Coordinator : Öğr. Gör. Sertaç ARI

About :

The need for security, which is the basic need of people after their physiological needs, has existed throughout human life and still continues. In line with this basic need, private enterprises and individuals, especially public institutions and organizations, took some measures. While public security is provided with police, gendarmerie, bazaar and neighborhood guards and police officers in the most general definition, this structure has created difficulties in the administrative and financial structure of the state both when it comes to a burden and in practice. As a result, the concept of ett private security ort started to be settled in the social and institutional sense with the purpose of eliminating these difficulties as well as reducing the burden of state and reducing the burden on the state.

In line with these objectives in our country, the first 2495 numbered ”Law on the Protection and Protection of Some Institutions and Organizations” laid the foundations with the ”Law on Private Security Services lan No. 5188 and many other special security services were provided. Many laws have been changed with this law, and private institutions and even state institutions have provided protection services by persons who have the title of private security officer. Therefore, the sector has increased the need for more qualified personnel.

In line with these aims and needs, educational institutions have started to open special security and protection programs in order to fulfill their responsibilities. The increasing demand for these programs is increasing day by day.

With this responsibility awareness, our students will be able to provide solutions to the problems in this field by using all the theoretical and technical knowledge necessary for the private security and protection program and to provide the students with the necessary technical knowledge and skills. educates qualified personnel.

Vision :

To be a program which is preferred by students and preferred graduates, continuous change and development.

Mission :

To provide added value to our region and our country by educating individuals, researchers, inquisitive, analytical minds, respectful to human rights and freedoms, responsible in the field of science, educated in the field and high self-confidence. To contribute to the world of science by conducting various scientific studies with expert instructors in the field. To create the necessary infrastructure for all this to happen.

Purpose :

For our students who want to see themselves as security guards in the future; To teach our students the laws and regulations related to their fields in the fullest sense and to enforce it, adapting the possibilities and possibilities given by the technology to the sector, especially in keeping with the developments in security technology, having the ability to be a private security officer mentally and physically Our aim is to train individuals who have the ability to think analytically together with their ability.

Language of Program :

The language of instruction for the Private Security and Protection program is Turkish.

Definition of Program :

Private Security and Protection Program; It has emerged with the consciousness of meeting the need of security which is one of the most important needs of the people, which has increased the standard of living and continues to exist with the awareness of raising qualified personnel in terms of ensuring the safety of people and property. With the awareness that the safety of people and property is extremely important in our vocational college, students in the special security and protection program can produce solutions to the problems by using all the theoretical, technical and technological information in the direction of current developments. educates students who can fulfill their consciousness.

Admission and Registration Requirements :

Students are required to take the exam for Higher Education Institutions Examination (YKS) made by the Presidency of OSYM in order to be placed in the Private Security and Protection Associate Degree Program and to get points from the "TYT" score type. In addition, the winning candidates are required to obtain a medical report from a full-fledged hospital. The report of the delegation documenting that the male candidates are not less than 1.70 m and the girl candidates are not less than 1.63 m is required. "Document no. 5188 on the Private Security Services Article 10 (d) of the first paragraph of the article" punishment is considered to be taken the penalty of crimes.

Recognition of Previous Education :

Students who have studied / seen any university before, bring their state-of-the-art grades to the Vocational School and take exemption from the courses they will take in the Private Security and Protection Program if they are deemed appropriate by looking at the harmony of ECTS and courses.

Graduation Requirements :

In order to graduate from this program, it is necessary to successfully complete all the required and elective courses (120 ECTS in total). Upon successful completion of these courses, graduates are awarded with Associate Degree in Private Security and Protection. Our graduates receive the title "Private Security Officer".

Assessment and Evaluation Regulations :

Each student must attend at least 70% of the courses and at least 80% of the practical courses in order to be able to take the final exam. Students are required to take at least one midterm and one final exam for each course. The contribution of the midterm exam (40% of the midterm exams, laboratory exams, quizzes etc.) and the final exam are 60%. All exams are evaluated over 100 points. In order to be successful in a course, a student who has failed a course is required to take a make-up exam to take the exam for a second time instead of a final exam. Students taking one of the letter grades AA, BA, BB, CB and CC are considered successful. DC and DD are conditionally successful grades. In order to be successful in a course with a DC or DD grade, the student has to have a GPA of at least 2.0 while a student gets FF.

Employment Oppurtunities :

Our students who have graduated from Private Security and Protection program have a wide range of study areas. Maintain the safety of life and property of public institutions and organizations, private health institutions, accommodation, business centers, education and training institutions, dormitories, forest areas, industrial and commercial centers, sports grounds, shopping centers and many other places. can perform the task.

In the recruitment of civil servants with KPSS, students who are graduates of the department can sit in these positions because they are required to attend the ından Private Security Officer r preferences.

Access to Further Studies :

Candidates who have successfully completed Associate Degree education can apply to Sınav Emergency and Disaster Management Yer and me Social Services layan undergraduate programs provided that they get enough points from the Vertical Transfer Examination (DGS) carried out by the Student Selection and Placement Center. The students who are entitled to place in the placement results continue their 4-year undergraduate program in Emergency and Disaster Management and Social Services.