Mission :

In line with the aims and objectives of the University, the basic mission of the Career Application and Research Center is; to provide information to students and graduates by introducing the business world, to carry out activities and works for each student and alumni to increase their professional and personal skills, to provide consultancy and information services to students and graduates in order to carry out career planning effectively, thus preferring local, national and international labor market to become a means of strengthening communication in order to become a solution partner that provides support and support as a graduate of Selçuk University after graduation, and to contribute to regional and national development by sharing the results of the studies carried out at the center with institutions and organizations.

Vision :

As Selçuk University Career Planning Application and Research Center, our basic vision is to prepare our students and graduates to the labor market during their education and after school, to equip them with the necessary competence and knowledge, and to provide them with effective information and awareness.