About :

Selcuk University Research and Application Center Proton Therapy Laser-Induced date is April 30, 2018, and numbered 30407 published in the Official Gazette past to life. Selcuk University Central Directorate on the status of our center, which operates depending on the Rector's pretty extensive, wide and with a multidisciplinary work and cooperation network coordinated manner with worldwide prominent groups working Alaeddin dynamic structure operates in Keykubad Campus. Selcuk University, across the country the largest laser engine and CW as having application spectrum (the first high power CO2 CW laser) and the pulse laser (1 5 ns pulse width and 213 nm wave generating output neck pulse laser (LSX-2013 Laser Ablation ) system, 1 5 ns pulse width and 1064 nm fundamental 532 nm second, 355 nm third and 266 nm fourth harmonic generating Minilit II laser system, 1 6 ns high-power laser pulse and the 1064 nm fundamental 532 nm second, 355 nm producing the third harmonic Surelit III and 410-2200 producing photons nm wavelengths Surelit III OPO Plus system and 1 x 90 fs ultra-high speed and high power femtosecond (fs) laser system and 230 -2200 nm 90 fs laser pulses producing Palitra-OPA system) facilities. providing infrastructure for different areas of the application system is to contribute to our country and the world literature. Located in the use of the center, this laser system with 1 Linear studies carried out Time of Flight (L-TOF) Mass Spectrometer, 1 reflector (Reflectro's) -Flight Time Mass Spectrometry (Re-TOF-MS) system and new materials and thin-film production purposes Pulse Laser Deposition being used (PLD) with the system, 1 and 1 micromachining z-Scan analysis systems are available. One QSSC-S4 for increasing the execution order and performance of sustained theoretical study center (4xıntel Zeon E7-4870, 40 Core-80 Thread 96 GB RAM) Enterprise model server is available and is actively used in the study.

Mission :

Laser vision of this center is the first in the world to be implemented in the health sector and to establish the Heavy Ion Induced Proton Therapy Center of the Selcuk University in Konya and to ensure the widespread use of technology throughout the country will be produced. Therefore these centers in Turkey and in the world by working with the most experienced and senior research teams have been trained in this field will carry out studies directed by leading researchers in the world. These centers will be organized and will be carried out by project work with will be developed and well be installed in all the country of technologies that will be produced hospital queue, the world is a small volume and low cost vision put forth a product to be marketed to the world to be installed even in general and small hospitals but also in developing countries. Turkey, which lacks any radio-therapy techniques in Turkey to develop a technique to be applied for the first time in the world with to gain and Country marketed as queued world dissemination throughout, VISION according to the 2023 spirit, is targeted.

Vision :

One of the most important goals of this center, in addition to an advanced radiological therapy techniques as well, during the operation of healthy and cancerous tissue through a real-time way to distinguish and display will guide you through the surgery to surgeons, to minimize the expected results from long-term pathological process in patients under anesthesia and to ensure that the surgeon made sure of the process is the development of technology. Development of cancer diagnostic techniques and related technologies, as well as the production of the study, development of advanced proton therapy techniques for the development of cancer treatment technology and to expose the technological production line. Laser-Induced Proton Therapy Technique today is not a technique that current practices in Turkey. The last few years in the world (the irradiation of tumors in very close to the critical organs, the irradiation of brain tumors is the main goal of protecting Touch) Cancer is an important therapeutic technique for the treatment of tumors is quite well known. covering the tissue near the tumor vessels of the heart or backhaul, as well as in the treatment of tumoral structure formed in the vicinity of growing organs in children is also quite important. It is evident that quite a significant social gains demonstrated by the development of this technology. The degree can be considered the realization of the intended work in establishing this center is believed that the economic benefits obtained strongly. This expectation of obtaining the information is available abroad of this advanced method of treatment of people living in Turkey and the government if they demand the application to them of this treatment, travel costs if the inclusion of nutrition and hospital expenses is due to be quite large. It can be produced in Turkey and with it the associated technology and cost to health institutions if present will be quite low. All of these, as well as laser-induced fusion, laser-induced isotope production, laser-induced plasma, advanced atmospheric diagnostic studies using a high-power laser, such as the measurement of extremely precise atomic and molecular structure which is important for environmental pollution measurements will lead many other similar technologies to be produced.