About :

Imam Maturîdî Application And Research Center founded by 30329 numbered decision in the Official Gazette of the Higher Education Board.

Imam Maturîdî, living in the region of Mavaraunnahr, is the founder of one of the most important theological schools among the Turks. Available sources do not have much information about his life. Maturîdî developed Abû Hanifa's teaching into a theological school. 

The great Turkish Islamic thinker Imam Mâturîdî, the founder of the Mâturîdîlik sect, which grew up in Samarkand during the reign of the Sâmânîs in the X. Century, he is one of our core values that have remained on the agenda as a guide in the field of faith for more than 1000 years. During his time in Samarkand and Maveraünnehir region, during the Seljuk period, the Anatolian Ghaznavids and the Indian sub-continent and the Ottomans in the Balkans were accepted by various nations.

Imam Mâturîdî, an important figure in the history of Turkish thought, he attracted the attention of western researchers and began to make works and researches about him after the XVIII century.  In the days of the 19th century, all of the works of Imam Maturid were not examined with increasing intensity. Scientific feasts on Maturidism are organized in Turkey and abroad, academic studies are conducted, centers are opened and institutes are established.

In this context SUMAMER,

Not only in our country, but also in the world, the great Turkish Islamic thinker Imam Maturidi and his thought system matured for centuries with the focus of interest in the history of humanity and science of Mürtüdîlik sect will contribute to the study of this way will contribute to the study of Islamic thought that influences the rare values of Islamic thought conduct research.

To examine the life and works of Imam Mâtürîdî, Mâtüîdî scholars in history and the place and effects of Mâtürîdî understanding in Turkish and world culture based on scientific data. as well as presentations and publications.

He will take an active role in the organization and implementation of scientific congresses and art activities on Imam Maturidis and Maturidism held in Konya, the capital of the Seljuk State, in other cities of our country in the world.

It will reveal more specifically the works of Imam Maturidi and Maturidism, which are processed in an integrated manner on the subject, in the intellectual and intellectual field, and will produce solutions that will contribute to the debates of Islamic religion in the field in the field of intellect and revelation especially in today's world.

Mission :

Imam Maturid's effort to spread his understanding in the balance of reason and revelation and make him an example has been great although Maturidi does not neglect his mind in an Islamic thought system. He fulfilled the duty of revealing the Ahl al-Sunnah akide and he clarified issues that are not based on rational and transport evidence. To evaluate the deviations in the field of belief from the academic point of view by using this approach, to conduct scientific studies, publish and organize courses in order to present the students.

Vision :

In a special to evaluate Maturidism studies in the Islamic world with an academic point of view and to present scientific studies done in our region and worldwide.