About :
Our center was established in 2010 under the supervision of Rectorate of Selçuk University. Selcuk University Nasreddin Hoca Research Center, which started its scientific and cultural activities in 2013, continues its cultural and academic activities related to Nasreddin Hodja.


Mission :

Our center was established to  to investigate and study the universal face of Turkish culture and humor, Nasreddin Hodja's life, anecdotes, anecdotes of the spheres, Nasreddin Hodja in Turkish and world literature and culture, to investigate the effects of Nasreddin Hodja, and to examine Nasreddin Hodja's known as the place where Akşehir 's abstract and concrete To support the studies on cultural products, to contribute to scientific studies on the phenomenon of humor, the prominent figures in the Turkish world with humorous aspects.

Vision :

The aim of our center is to become a center that can provide guidance and support to national and international studies in the field of humor and Hodja.