About :

According to the Council of Ministers 2009/15546 numbered decree published in the Official Gazette dated 13 November 2009 and numbered 27405, Selçuk University Vocational Education Faculty was closed and the Faculty of Art and Design was founded.

Mission :

Providing education, which supports critical thinking and is creative and sensitive to technological and social changes by giving importance to the cooperation with the industry in education and research activities, integrating our cultural knowledge with contemporary and universal dimensions without neglecting it, conducting researches by setting on new quests, presenting enriched designs resulting from the association of technology and art to the service of our nation and the world. By means of cooperating with national and international institutions and organizations, our faculty aims to train designers who can evaluate pioneering ideas, who has knowledge of materials and production techniques and who can produce creative and unique designs with syntheses appropriate to their personalities within the scope of form, color, material, structure and function relations required by the markets throughout the world. Besides employing designers who have visions and are raised with the knowledge and skills appropriate for the needs of the society and the sector, who are productive, participative, self-confident and self-reliant, who have leadership skills, who are inclined to teamwork and who take historical, cultural and artistic value into consideration by making students realize themselves and the unique creative powers they have, our faculty also aims to graduate our students as happy individuals with knowledge, skills and qualifications to be required if they choose to be teachers by getting pedagogical formation education.

Vision :

The vision of our faculty is to be an established educational institution, which uses all the facilities of the information age in the best way that is possible, which raises qualified artists and designers equipped with techniques, knowledge and skills and which is preferred at national and international levels.