About :
Selcuk University Continuing Education Application and Research Center (SELÇUKSE I) to develop cooperation with public and national and international organizations in the private sector, local, regional, national and international scale has been established to contribute to Turkey's economic and social development. The primary goal of SELÇUKSEM is to organize and organize courses, seminars, conferences and training programs in line with the needs and needs of the public and private employees in order to enable them to reach their career goals more easily. SELÇUKSEM has a qualified staff who can meet the educational needs of institutions and individuals, and started to serve in 2007 with a working principle which is the only target for social responsibility.

Mission :


In line with the needs of students, public institutions, private sector and all individuals, SELÇUKSEM will be able to plan, implement and coordinate training programs to be provided with experienced staff and to coordinate these programs. To be able to use efficiently, to be more successful in human relations, to participate in training programs to participate in successful training certificate, certificate of achievement, certificate and so on

Vision :


SELCUKSEM has been working in public and private sector with the principle of lifelong learning to contribute to the development of cooperation with the public and private sector, It aims to promote the total quality and productivity of individuals, university students and alumni by contributing to their career development and to introduce Selcuk University in national and international platforms.