Head of Department : Prof. Dr. Nurcan DÖNMEZ

Erasmus Coordinator : Prof. Dr. Ercan KESKİN

Farabi Coordinator : Prof. Dr. Tufan KEÇECİ

Mevlana Coordinator :

ECTS Coordinator : Prof. Dr. Nurcan DÖNMEZ

About :

Department of Physiology was founded in 1982 by Prof .Dr.Mehmet KOCABATMAZ. In the same year, both research and education activities began. From this date on Dr. Mehmet KOCABATMAZ and the other researchers who participated in this study focused on researches related to rumenology and other experimental and multidisciplinary studies. Emphasis has been placed on experimental physiology by using up-to-date tools and materials for educational and teaching activities. In 1984, Ph.D. studies started at the Institute of Health Sciences. Since then, 10 doctorate and 1 master thesis projects have been completed. In addition, ration and feeding studies with rumen fistula in large and small ruminants, as well as these and other animals based on hematological, endocrinological and biochemical parameters, especially studies with rumen fistula shed light on other Veterinary Faculties and many researchers. 90 national and 50 international articles have been published so far. The Department offers Physiology I to the first year students, Physiology II and the Animal Behavior courses and elective courses (Digestive System Physiopathology and Clinical Physiology) for the second semester.

Vision :

Our vision is train up to qualified scientists who could foresee the problems about the research area and resolve them by conducting independent studies with using different research methods then publish the obtained data in a systematic review by written or orally with self confidence.

Mission :

 Our mission is train up to specialists who can evolve strategies and plans for perform an independent research study and publish the achieved data by taking into consideration the ethical and scientific rules in their research area.

Purpose :

Planning, evolving and performing the multidisciplinary researches about solution of territorial and regional problems intended by education of the graduate students.

Language of Program :


Definition of Program :

Physiology is the science that examines the functions of cells, tissues, organs and systems and the mechanisms underlying them. A wide range of experimental and applied methods are used in physiology research. The aim of postgraduate education in physiology is to train scientists who are capable of conducting independent scientific research with sufficient knowledge of physiology. In this context, theoretical and practical information about the field is given in detail, and the students' ability to conduct and conduct healthy research is tried to be improved. In the thesis, it is aimed to conduct a scientific research and to turn this study into a publication.

Admission and Registration Requirements :

Graduates of the faculty of veterinary medicine, faculty of medicine, faculty of dentistry, faculty of sports sciences and faculty of health sciences within the scope of registration and admission related articles in Selcuk University Graduate Education Regulations.

Recognition of Previous Education :

Related articles in Selcuk University Graduate Education Regulations.

Graduation Requirements :

Related articles in Selcuk University Graduate Education Regulations.

Assessment and Evaluation Regulations :

Related articles in Selcuk University Graduate Education Regulations.

Employment Oppurtunities :

Individuals who have completed their postgraduate education in the field of physiology can be employed in universities, other public institutions (TUBITAK, Ministries, Municipalities, etc.) and in the private sector.

Access to Further Studies :

Related articles in Selcuk University Graduate Education Regulations.