Head of Department : Prof. Dr. Serkan REVAN

Erasmus Coordinator : Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zübeyde ASLANKESER

Farabi Coordinator : Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mehmet ALTIN

Mevlana Coordinator :

ECTS Coordinator : Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ekrem BOYALI

About :

Recreation is an interdisciplinary field that includes the fields of recreational sports, sport physiology, sport management, communication, motor learning, motor skills, tourism, kinesiology, sports for health, sport psychology and program development. The department aims to educate creative and qualified students who speak more than one foreign language and to plan leisure activities. The students of the department are educated in business, economics, communication, health, environment and tourism. Recreation department offers courses that improve students' theoretical and practical knowledge. Students are required to attend Water Sports, Outdoor Sports and Ski Camp Practices courses and to cover other camp expenses themselves which cannot be covered by the budget.

Vision :

Through national and international scientific studies in the field of recreation, we aim to contribute to the development of recreation science and practices and to be a pioneer in creating a physically active and healthy society.

Mission :

The aim of this course is to understand the importance of recreation Science in academic and social life and to determine its place in our country, to contribute to the elimination of deficiencies in this field, to raise awareness about the need for trained personnel, to train qualified recreation experts in the professional field who are virtuous, knowledgeable, contemporary, ethical, constructive, creative, respectful of human rights.

Purpose :

In order to make the social environment livable, respectful to the values of all individuals around him, capable of thinking principled, creative and multi-faceted, respecting and value individual differences, adapting to mobility, having strong communication skills, following contemporary, universal and technological developments, competent and graduate education in the field. To train recreation specialists who are ready, capable of producing and using scientific knowledge, who believe that professional development will be achieved through lifelong learning and have the knowledge, skills and equipment in recreation management.

Admission and Registration Requirements :

General admission requirements for Turkish and foreign students apply to begin the program.

Recognition of Previous Education :

If the students who have registered to the other higher education institution in Turkey or abroad where they have studied before, apply for credit and grade transfer within the first week, then the related administrative unit is evaluated by the board of directors and the decision is made for one time only.

Graduation Requirements :

The student must be successful in all courses in the program. In this program, the student must provide a minimum of 240 ECTS credits and a GPA of at least 2.00 out of 4.00.

Assessment and Evaluation Regulations :

In this program, different assessment methods such as midterm, homework, exercise, project, application and final exam are applied. Assessment methods may include classical examination, multiple choice examination, homework, performance assessment and product assessment. In order to graduate from the program, the weighted grade point average must be at least 2.00.

Employment Oppurtunities :

Recreation departments of Universities Physical Education and Sports, Sport Sciences and Technology, Student Clubs affiliated to Health Culture and Sports Departments, National Education Institutions, General Directorate of Youth and Sports Central and Provincial Organizations, Youth Centers, Private Institutions and Organizations, Local Administrations , Sport Tourism Sector, Sport Animation, Park and Recreation Areas...

Access to Further Studies :

Students can apply to master's, doctorate programs or proficiency in arts programs in any field.