Head of Department : Prof. Şebnem ASLAN

Erasmus Coordinator : Assistant Prof. Mehmet YORULMAZ

Farabi Coordinator : Assistant Prof. Fatma Özlem YILMAZ

Mevlana Coordinator : Assistant Prof. Emel FİLİZ

ECTS Coordinator : Assistant Prof. Emel FİLİZ

Vision :

Health system of Turkey to the development of a strong and constructive influence, in teaching and scientific research and development to encourage, todays requirements and in line future projections, with the undergraduate teaching programs to universal values and based on the contemporary information form continuously improve, the health management in the area of respect and safely cited leading a unit is to be.

Mission :

With Universal prequalified education system, with research and problem-solving skills, capable of continuous self-improvement and aims to train health managers working for the benefit of society.

Purpose :

The aim of the Master's program without thesis is to provide the graduates with the necessary knowledge on planning, conducting and evaluating health services, health legislation and health manpower and to provide the skills to conduct scientific research in this field. In this program, which aims to train expert manpower in the field of health management, courses are offered as compulsory and elective courses. The courses to be taken are determined by the guidance of the Head of the Department and the advisor.

Language of Program :


Definition of Program :

Non-Thesis Master of Science (MSc) Program in Health Management is a graduate program of maximum three years.

Admission and Registration Requirements :

(1) In order to be admitted to non-thesis master's programs, it is necessary to have a bachelor's degree and apply to the relevant institute within the written period of the announcement.
(2) Student admission is based on the overall academic grade point average of undergraduate graduation.

Recognition of Previous Education :

Students who are accepted by transfer are exempted from the courses they have taken and succeeded by the Board of Directors of the Institute of Health Sciences under the conditions stipulated by the Department of Healthcare Management.

Graduation Requirements :

The student who successfully completes the credit courses and term project and fulfills the other requirements, submits the other documents requested by the institute to the institute and is entitled to receive a non-thesis master's degree and diploma supplement.

Assessment and Evaluation Regulations :

This program consists of at least twelve courses and a term project with a total of not less than thirty six credits. Courses are completed in three semesters. However, the student can complete the semester in two semesters by taking courses from the upper semester. Term project course is non-credit and is evaluated as passing (G) or remaining (K).

Employment Oppurtunities :

Graduates can be employed as managers in health institutions.

Access to Further Studies :

After 2013, graduates of non-thesis master of science programs cannot transfer to higher degree programs.