Head of Department : Prof. Dr. Mehmet AKÖZ

Erasmus Coordinator : Dr. Mustafa GÜLER

Farabi Coordinator : Lecturer Akın GÖNEN

Mevlana Coordinator : Lecturer Akın GÖNEN

ECTS Coordinator : Dr. Mustafa GÜLER

Vision :

We have adopted the vision of a more livable world for the disabled by solving the existing and potential problems of individuals with disabilities by adding volunteerism to our knowledge and ability in the light of positive sciences. For this purpose, we will endeavor to raise the awareness of disabled people in society and to make the most of the rights of the disabled people.

Mission :

To train professionals who know the groups of people with disabilities, know how to approach them, learn the rights of people with disabilities, and are aware that it is not an emotional approach and that it requires professional knowledge to communicate with disabled people and their families.


Purpose :

The aim of this course is to educate people who have adopted the concepts and principles related to their field, who can fulfill the professional requirements of their profession, and who know the basic characteristics, care and needs of disabled individuals. In addition, to educate well-equipped professionals who are capable of providing treatment, support and rehabilitation services, who love, respect, tolerate and patient personality.

Language of Program :



Definition of Program :

Disability Care and Rehabilitation program with the education of our students using disability care information and techniques, disability and maintenance of people in need of care, future anxiety, free time to evaluate in a productive way, to be sensitive to their own body and habitats and to make them a habit to implement and implement is a program that serves to train human power. Student with TYT score type


Admission and Registration Requirements :

Registration of students to faculties, colleges and vocational colleges is carried out in accordance with the principles to be determined by the Council of Higher Education and Interuniversity Board. According to the scores they get from the exam results, students submit their choice forms to the student ion and placement center (ÖSYM) by sorting their preferences. Students who are placed in a program by ÖSYM will register to the University. For enrollment in faculties, colleges and vocational schools, a) To be graduates of high school or equivalent vocational schools, to be approved by the Ministry of National Education if the diplomas received from foreign high schools are to be approved by the Ministry of National Education.  1) As a result of the Higher Education Institutions Examination (YKS), it has been placed in the related department of the University with a central placement system,  2) As a result of the Examination for Foreign Students (YÖS), it should be placed with the central placement system in the relevant unit of the University in that academic year.  Documents required for registration High school or equivalent school diploma and OSYM result document.


Recognition of Previous Education :

The students who come to the program by undergraduate transfer or receive education in other universities before are exempt from the courses that they took in these establishments and succeeded by the decision of the Board of Directors.

Graduation Requirements :

In order to complete the program successfully, it is required to pass all the courses (120 ECTS) available in the program, and at least 2.0 weighted grade point average over 4.00. In addition, 30 working days to successfully complete the summer internship.


Assessment and Evaluation Regulations :

A students success from a course is determined as to the letter grade given considering the sum of 40% of the midterm exam and 60% of the final exam of that course. The letter grade taken by the student has to be at least CC in order to be accepted as successful from a course.


Employment Oppurtunities :

Graduates of the program can work at the Ministry of Family and Social Policies, municipalities, hospitals, Civil Society Organizations and private institutions operate in the service areas for the elderly. Nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, day centers for the elderly, hospices, health units in applications for elderly, home care services can work under the supervision of an expert.


Access to Further Studies :

Candidates who complete the associate degree, determined by OSYM entering the Vertical Jump Test (DGS) can apply to undergraduate programs. Undergraduate Programs can be passed: Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Nursing, Nutrition and Dietetic, Nursing and Health Services, Disabled in Exercise and Sport Training, Special Education Teaching.