Head of Department : Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Selda GÜZEL

Erasmus Coordinator : Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Selda GÜZEL

Farabi Coordinator : Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Tülay GÜMÜŞER

Mevlana Coordinator : Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Selda GÜZEL

ECTS Coordinator : Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Selda GÜZEL

About :

The shoe industry, which started to gain the appearance of small industry since 1950, has made important developments in recent years. In our country, there are centers in both shoe production and sub-industry. Konya has an important place among these centers. Accordingly, the Shoe Design and Production department produces the shoe prototype that is fed from the traditional, can determine the needs of today with modern approaches, make innovative, original design, follow the trends, use the production stages effectively, have the ability to plan, use solutions, use computer programs and design the shoe prototype. aims to educate designers who have the knowledge and experience to assemble. In this context, theoretical and applied course contents will be able to meet the qualified designer needs of the sector. The department was established on 15.06.2011. It started its activities by accepting its first students in the 2019-2020 academic year. Thus gained the distinction of being the first Shoes Design and Production degree program in Turkey.

Vision :

About footwear design and manufacturing; the ability of the sector to sustain a competitive position in the globalizing world is to train contemporary individuals capable of competing internationally, with the ability to make artistic, original and creative designs that are needed to produce high value-added products with their own brand. Therefore; department will be improved taking into account the needs of the sector.

Mission :

The Footwear Design and Production Department has adopted the main objective of fulfilling its duties in order to provide the qualified designer needs that the industry needs. Department's mission; to educate designers who are capable of producing solutions with scientific and aesthetic criteria, producing solutions, holding original and innovative designs by keeping the national culture and values in front, looking from an artistic perspective, having analytical thinking skills, designing by computer freehand drawing techniques and follow international developments .

Purpose :

 The aim of the department is to train individuals who are able to design and manufacturing innovative and original shoes that are suitable for today's fashion trends.

Language of Program :


Definition of Program :

Architecture and Design Faculty of Selçuk University will be first institution to provide training at the undergraduate level of the Department of Footwear Design and Manufacturing. The department will provide students with the knowledge and skills in design, production and operation in the light of artistic and technological information in line with the needs of the shoe industry. The primary aim of the Department of Footwear Design and Manufacturing is to strengthen Turkish footwear sector position in the world shoe trade, to make shoe designs that follow the trends and to train qualified human power needed to create Turkish shoe brands. In this respect, it is a department where practical courses as well as theoretical courses on design and management areas are included.

Recognition of Previous Education :

Students coming to the program through undergraduate transfer can be exempted from lessons, which they took and passed before, by decree of the board of management.

Graduation Requirements :

It is necessary that the student passes all lessons, which take place in the program, and for which he is responsible. The student success is evaluated according to Academic and Examination Regulations of Selçuk University.

Assessment and Evaluation Regulations :

Students shall take mid-term, final and make-up exams for theoretical and applied lessons. 

Employment Oppurtunities :

Department graduates will be able to find employment opportunity in the design studios, production, r&d and marketing departments in the footwear sector.

Access to Further Studies :

Designer candidates, who graduated from Department of Footwear Design and Manufacturing, can apply to the master, doctorate or art proficiency programs.