About :

The school started education in 1992-1993 academic year. In 2001-2002 academic year, he moved to his own service building on the way to Ankara, and in the same year he started programs in Computer Programming, Seedling Breeding, Seed Production, Crop and Marketing. Environment, Food Technology and Organic Agriculture Programs were opened in 2005-2006 academic year. On 16.05.2005, within the scope of the regulation made by YÖK, Computer Technologies, Food Processing, Environmental Protection and Control, and Plant and Animal Production Departments were established. With this regulation, the name of the Crop and Marketing Program in Crop Products has been changed to Storage and Storage Technology in Agricultural Products. In 2011-2012 academic year, Conservation and Storage Technology Program in Agricultural Products has been closed by YÖK since it is not an adequate teaching staff. Due to the lack of sufficient number of students in 2017, the recruitment of students to the Seedling and Seed Program was stopped. However, these programs are not closed. Our school continues to teach a total of 4 programs, namely Computer Programming, Environmental Protection and Control, Food Technology and Organic Agriculture Program. In the service building of our current campus, which has an area of ​​161.000 m2 on the way of Ankara, 14 classrooms, 40 computers and 20 computers with 2 computer laboratories, 1 biotechnology laboratory where our students can make analyzes for professional applications, 1 conference hall with various educational and cultural activities, There are 1 library, 1 workshop, 1 refectory, 1 canteen serving for research and reading needs. The campus of our school has 30.000 m2 of landscaping and greening. This area is organized with 9 camellia, ornamental pool and sitting groups. There are 1 basketball, volleyball, tennis and artificial turf soccer field. For the purpose of our students' research and application, there are 4 polyclinic greenhouses with a total area of ​​500 m2, 4 of which are 50sq m2 research room and 300 m2 of application area. In addition, there are 4 fruit orchards, saplings and brood cultivation parcels and various parcels for field cultivation, which are established with apple, plum, cherry, quince, pear, almond, cherry, peach trees. From 1992 to 15.12.1999 as a founding director Prof. Dr. Prof. Dr. Tevfik TEKELİ between 16.12.1999-18.08.2002. Assoc. Dr. I. Prof. Dr. Hakkı KALYONCU from 19.08.2002 to 31.07.2003 Dr. Prof. Cem ŞENSÖĞÜT, from 07.07.2003 to 22.01.2004 Dr. Prof. Dr. Mesut UYANER, Assist.Prof. Assoc. Dr. I. Prof. Dr. Hakkı KALYONCU on 25.01.2007-25.03.2007 Dr. Prof. Dr. Mustafa ÖNDER between 26.03.2007-28.03.2016 Dr. Süleyman SOYLU School of Higher Education. As of 29.03.2016, he served as the Director of the School of Higher Education. Dr. Nuh BOYRAZ engages. Our school provides service with a total of 22 academic staff and 15 administrative staff including 2 Professor Doctor, 10 Instructor Doctor, 10 Instructor .

Mission :

To sustain the formation of a modern educational institution which will prepare our students in the best way to the professional life in the way required by our era, in the way of modern civilization shown by Leader Atatürk,

- To train intellectuals who are motivated to follow developing technologies and who understand the importance of professional development in a professional way and who respects human rights and freedoms with inquisitive, analytical thinking.

- To achieve universal standards in education and community service activities by providing transparency, self-regulation and total quality in management,

To produce information to ensure scientific, social, cultural, technological and economic development of our people,

- Adopting all the principles of universal quality, adopting the principles of total quality management and taking the vision of continuous improvement, is to make every contribution as the Sarayönü Vocational School of Higher Education in our university's work to be among the top 500 universities in the world.

Vision :

To give education opportunity to the young people in our country and in our region, to create a contemporary teaching culture that is researcher, participant, respectful to social values, sharing,

-To train professionally competent, self-confident intermediate staff who are equipped with the knowledge and skills required by the age and meet the needs of the public and private sector's quality manpower.

-In addition to providing a comprehensive and high quality vocational education by using education and training methods and facilities, as an educational institution, an understanding and approach that contributes to the economic and social development of the society by constantly guiding, guiding the environment by following the developments, producing projects, guiding and leading the society aim and continue,

-To ensure that the students who are in close communication with their graduates benefit from their experience, knowledge and equipment after graduation.

To contribute to the scientific, cultural, social and economic development of the region,

-The teaching staff to renew and improve themselves.